Protesters Provide Cover While The Country Bleeds


Take a step back, now take a look in the mirror – did you fall prey to their game, again? This is it – this is their master class. This is psychological warfare, all rolled out with a grand form of synchronicity, that most didn’t even see coming, or take a breath to see what’s happening before their very eyes. While the country burns, and the country bleeds, thousands are willingly providing cover for those carrying out acts of violence and bloodshed during these protests over George Floyd’s death, and others are succumbing to their pent-up anger as bait is dangled in front of them.

What has become of humanity that so many
could be so blind? The young are out of their minds with boredom and desire to
get a little crazy after being in lockdown for nearly three months. Adults want
to stick it to the man, stick it to people, and stick it wherever they think
their voice will be heard. They say it’s all for a cause, yet they watch
buildings burn, the destruction of our cities, and people being murdered, and
they have settled into the madness as though it’s their newfound comfort zone.
They continue each day, no matter how devastating the night before was, and
they amplify their so-called “cause” to convince themselves they are doing something
good. Blood is on their hands as much as those committing the acts themselves. And
blood is on the hands of all of those encouraging these nighttime protests to

By choosing to carry out nighttime
protests, it is providing cover for those whose intentions are destruction and
violence, making each person complicit. Some are handed bricks to throw, and
some make the choice to do it, because they follow the leader instead of
thinking for themselves. Others choose to spit and yell at police officers
while throwing projectiles at them, all to be as rebellious as the stranger standing
next to them. And young kids are spray painting buildings because they think it’s
“cool.” Meanwhile, families across the country continue to suffer because their
businesses cannot open after nearly three months of being closed.

Strings of white people are taking a
knee, some in crowds by the hundreds, and repeating a script read to them by someone
with the Black Lives Matter group. They shame and guilt you to bring you to
your knees and demoralize you as though you’ve done something wrong, under the
guise of solidarity, when in reality they are controlling you, manipulating
you, and getting you to submit while they spread photos of white people on
their knees – the very same position a white police officer was in while
bringing a black man to his death. You’ve been played. It’s called conditioning
people’s mind by use of repeated imagery, to display “the guilty ones.”

The “me too” movement, the “women’s march”
and the “no guns” rallies all served as preparations to refine how they would
rally, coordinate, and grow their herd. “Their,” being those behind organizing
all of these manufactured “movements” so as to build an army of good little
soldiers at the right time, the right place, and right stage of their psychological
games in order to step up the impact to a level of rage and terror that would
escalate to a revolution. Each begins with a single event, an outburst of the
same talking points, a label for the movement, an explosion of marketing across
all media channels, through hundreds of foundations and organizations, and
through celebrities and politicians to carry the message far and wide. This all
takes place within 24 hrs of the initial event. Oh yes, they are well
organized. It is all followed by mass emails, phone calls, social media posts
with schedules, and a call to action to rally all of their lead coordinators,
riot factions, and naïve sheep to step into action. That quick, they are off to
the races before anyone can blink. It’s their playbook. When a message is
flooded through all of those channels, that is when you know it is not a
grassroots movement. When they spring the country into action in 48 hrs, it is
masterfully organized. This is what they do. Welcome to the master class of
psychological warfare.

How well organized was this? They had
these protests as cover for riots in locations across multiple countries.
Explain that. They operate from the same playbook. A grassroots movement take
years to grow this level of momentum, and is not allowed to thrive at this
level, unless it is a narrative being pushed by far-left agendas. There have
been over 847 arsons, over 17 deaths, hundreds injured, and mass destruction of
businesses and cities across America in just one week.

The coordinators running the riots have been planning and training for years. The COVID-19 extended lockdown to build up anger and desire to break free, was part of the plan for this particular agenda. Mandatory masks are part of the plan to provide cover for Antifa and other violent factions, so everyone blends in, making it more difficult for police officers to spot them in crowds. Scheduling all of this to happen the same weekend that businesses are finally opening across the country, was all planned to shut it back down, with curfews put in place. The protests turned riots were all coordinated and planned, knowing full well they would build momentum rapidly after three sheer months of hell that people suffered through, and a lot of pent up anger. The preparations for all of this was funded, equipped with bats, pallets of bricks, Molotov cocktails and all. Every single aspect of this was very well thought out and planned, which raises the question – was the initial event itself planned, premeditated or carried out at a specific time? There is developing information coming to light that is pointing in that direction. Were groups put on alert that a big protest was coming and to be ready for the call? The false flag Jessie Smollett case is a good example of how they manufacture a movement. In that case they used a falsified event carried out by their friend Smollett for Kamal Harris’ political agenda to create an anti-lynching bill, which she is still going on about, despite the fact lynching is already illegal.

Police officers are told to stand down, and many mayors and governors are complicit in allowing the destruction, not calling on the National Guard, and even encouraging the protests, despite the false narrative of the need for social distancing and not congregating in groups of more than 10 due to COVID-19, that they have been pushing for weeks. Yet, we are on day ten of these riots and hospitals are not overflowing with cases. How could that be? REMOVE YOUR MASKS. Stop hiding Antifa and other terrorist groups causing all of the fires, destruction, looting, and death. The COVID-19 scandal has come to an end, even though they will continue to push the envelope on it so they can get their $75-$100 billion for contact tracing surveillance to spy on the American people, while terrorizing you and keeping you isolated and quarantined.

Ask Yourself These Questions

• How is it that you will be fined or
arrested if you dare open your business because they deem it non-essential, but
the rioters burning and looting businesses are not being arrested in most cases?

• You cannot gather in groups larger than
10 people, and you are not allowed to have protests that pertain to COVID-19
because it could create more spread, but governors across the country are
encouraging thousands of people to protest over George Floyd, as well as
hugging protestors. Does that add up?

• Why is Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti
hugging hundreds of protestors just days after outlawing people from praying in
church together?

• The CDC and Dr. Fauci stated that masks do not protect you efficiently and only the N95 would be effective if sterilized daily, but still insisted you wear them. Then, on May 23rd, just days before the protests and riots began, the CDC changed it to “cloth face masks” should be worn, which ironically is what Antifa members have been sporting for a decade. Notice they say “may protect,” because they’ve already confirmed they won’t. Coincidentally, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton both posted new profile pics of them wearing black face masks that same week. Democrat Governors all imposed a mandatory mask rule, even after coming out of lockdown. In fact, they even state that they need to be worn at the protests. Convenient.

• Why are Joe Biden, politicians, and
numerous celebrities and musicians funding the bailout of these rioters who are
burning your cities? Their social media is flooded with support while asking
donors to help fund the bailouts, making you equally complicit.

• Why are Democrats all calling these “peaceful protests” and alleging that Antifa is not a terrorist organization, when Antifa themselves publicize their agendas? Why would twitter remove their main account which was posting schedule updates of where their riots would take place?

• Why would the media and politicians claim
that these are white supremacy groups doing all of the damage, and then fund
their bail, when they have always alleged that Trump supporters are white supremacists?
Does that make sense?

• Why are CNN, MSNBC, and other
mainstream news outlets completely downplaying these events and spinning this
to be peaceful protests, while subverting footage and information about buildings
burning, people being murdered, businesses being destroyed, and even their own
headquarters being attacked? Are they not concerned for everyone’s safety?

• Why, on June 1st, did the
New York Times publish the headline “As Chaos Spreads, Trump Vows To End It Now”
in their early edition, and later change the headline to “Trump Threatens To
Send Troops Into States” after Democrats went rabid across social media?

• Why is CBS news running a story with a headline titled “A white bar owner in Omaha shot and killed a black protester. He won’t face charges,” implying this is all about race and the white man won’t be punished, when in fact, it was a physical attack on one man from another man, that resulted in self-defense? Are they stoking racism because the majority of people only read headlines and will never know the full story?

• Why did Nickelodeon, a channel for young children, interrupt shows to air a terrifying eight-minute and forty-five-second segment (the length of time officer Chauvin pressed his knee into Floyd’s neck), containing the eerie sounds of a man breathing while the screen reads, “I can’t breathe,” concluding with text demands and joining Color of Change, an organization Hillary Clinton promotes regularly? They even tweeted about the rights children have, including “you have a right to a world that is peaceful,” as they induce extreme fear with this advertisement, and don’t denounce all of the violence taking place across the country.

Is this why parents are shaming their own children?

• Why is former President Obama, acting as the shadow government, “speaking
to the nation” stating, “let’s be
sure we follow through. It’s important to take the momentum that’s been created
and use this to have an impact.”

• Why are police officers being told to
stand down in most Democrat states? Why won’t Mayor De Blasio bring in the
National Guard to assist in NYC, which is being crushed? Why is he lying and
suggesting they are not trained for this?

• If this protest is all about “Black
Lives Matter,” then why are black business owners being murdered, black police
officers shot and killed, and black citizens being beat up on by other blacks?
Are the peaceful protestors ok with walking alongside these rioters to be
witness and video document these atrocities, rather than not being present to
allow for them to happen?

• Innocent people are being murdered. 22-year-old Italia Marie Kelly was murdered by a fellow protester in Iowa. Her sister cries in agony, repeating “my sister is gone because of one of you, a protestor shot my sister, not the police!” in this gut-wrenching video. What are these protests really about?

Statistic: “A police officer is 18½ times more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male is to be killed by a police officer.”

If you can rationalize away all of the above, then perhaps it’s far too late for you, and you have already lost the psychological warfare on your mind. If it’s all making sense to you, and you feel played, that’s ok, they’ve managed to dupe thousands of people. It’s time to change your course of action and stop providing cover for these terrorists. There are other ways to fight for what you truly believe in. Violence shouldn’t be one of them, as violence breeds more violence.

We Have Reached A Danger Zone

We have reached the point of danger. If
you still can’t see what’s going on, let’s simplify this. Innocent people are
dying. Buildings and vehicles are burning and there have already been 847
arsons to date. Businesses are being looted. Cities are being destroyed. Seventeen
people have already died. While people were just preparing to finally open their
“non-essential” businesses to feed their families, they are now being boarded
up and shut down, and as long as protestors continue to protest at night and
provide cover for these terrorist groups and other dangerously enraged people,
families will continue to suffer. Governors are encouraging this to continue,
and people are all jumping on board to watch it happen up close and personal.
What is wrong with this picture? Take a good long look in the mirror if you are
actively engaging in this, and ask yourself what outcome you believe is going
to come from this, what is it going to resolve, and how many people must die or
suffer before you conclude that there is blood on your hands and a different
approach is the way to go?

BLEEDING. The goal is to create further division, by fueling anger and rage, to
keep people in a state of terror and depression so they will submit and follow
whatever outlandish rules are put on them. They are trying to break you. This
is psychological warfare. Worn down yet? Brush yourself off, pick yourself up,
and start working on building your community, uniting, and loving one another,
because THAT is the battle they can’t compete with. Help one another get your
businesses back up and running so everyone can care for their families. When we
stand united, we thrive. They don’t want that. Will you continue to fall prey
to their games, or can you see through the forest now? Stop herding like the
sheep they want you to be, and start leading the way through strength, unity,
and compassion, before they lead you straight to the slaughterhouse.

Educate yourselves and educate your
children because you are the only ones who can prevent future destruction. You
cannot blame the police officer, the government, or even the governors for this
one. It is the sheep, the herd – those willing to be complicit in all of this
that is fueling it and keeping it alive. How much longer are you willing to be a
patsy at the expense of your fellow Americans? Go home, love your family, and
find a better way.   

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