Discover the ONLY way to fix Big Pharma—it’s NOT what you think!

Ever-increasing prices, serious side effects, unscrupulous practices—and more—are hallmarks of today’s drugs and their manufacturers. Pharmaceutical industry critics blame corporate greed, but that can’t be the whole story because ALL company managers must cater to the bottom line.

In my new book, Death by Regulation, I show that the 1962 Amendments to the Food & Drug Act have reshaped the drug industry, creating almost all of the practices that its critics rail against. Unfortunately, the critics are mostly unaware of these regulations and propose “solutions” that will just make matters worse.

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Find out from someone who used to work in the industry what’s really behind the problems with Big Pharma—and how to fix them for good!

Death by Regulation demonstrates tht bad law can be just as deadly as bad drugs—and tells us what we need to know to reclaim our Golden Age of Health. Foreword by Ron Paul, MD; preface by Jonathan Wright, MD; afterword by Foster Gamble.

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Death by Regulation

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