Dr. Norman Horn Reviews “Death by Regulation”

Longtime Libertarian writer and activist Dr Mary Ruwart has a must-read book: Death by Regulation: How We Were Robbed of a Golden Age of Health and How We Can Reclaim It.

This book draws on her years as a medical researcher for Upjohn Pharmaceuticals, her knowledge of libertarian philosophy, and her passion for liberty to explain how the 1962 Amendments to the Food and Drug Act, which gave the FDA the power to keep a drug off the market if it didn’t meet the FDA’s idea of effectiveness and safety. It not only stripped individuals of the ability to make their own health care decisions, but enriched big pharmaceutical companies. The FDA has literally killed people.

For example, the FDA prevented Americans from learning of how aspirin can help those with heart problems for a couple decades. This knowledge could have saved about 1.7 million lives. The FDA continues to delay and deny Americans from reviving life-saving cures and knowledge about how minor adjustments to their diets can help avoid certain illnesses.

Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul, who wrote the foreword for the book says, “While I was serving in Congress, Dr. Ruwart was working at Upjohn, a drug company known for its ground-breaking research. Step-by-step, she shows how the Amendments, even today, are re-shaping the FDA, the drug industry, and the field of medical practice, while shifting us away from a prevention paradigm to a treatment-based one.” You’ll want to read this book carefully: your life may depend on it.

It’s time we were all learned the truth!

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Death by Regulation

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