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Death by Regulation: How We Were Robbed of a Golden Age of Health and How We Can Reclaim It 

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In 1962, Congress passed possibly the deadliest regulations of all time: the 1962 Amendments to the Food & Drug Act. This “living law” continues to metastasize to this day, reshaping the pharmaceutical cartel, the supplement industry, the practice of medicine and transforming our health care paradigm from prevention to treatment.  Research shows at least half of Americans who have died since 1962 lost about 10 years of their lives to the Amendments; in all likelihood, each of us has been affected.

What exactly did the Amendments do to destroy what would have been a Golden Age of Health for us? The Amendments added about 10 years to the time it takes for new drugs to get from the lab bench to the marketplace. They destroyed over 50% of our innovations and censored the dissemination of life-saving information.

Not only have the Amendments cost us our lives, we paid for the “privilege” of dying prematurely. The Amendments have increased the cost of new drug development each year. What we pay for new drugs at the pharmacy is directly related to what manufacturers pay to jump through the Amendments’ regulatory hoops.

So why did Congress pass the Amendments in the first place?  The idea was to make drugs safer and more effective, but that didn’t happen. Indeed, drugs may actually be less safe and no more effective than they were before Amendment passage.

Death by Regulation demonstrates the bad law can be just as deadly as bad drugs—and tells us what we need to know to reclaim our Golden Age of Health.  Foreword by Ron Paul, MD; preface by Jonathan Wright, MD; afterword by Foster Gamble.

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Death by Regulation

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