I am here tonight to talk about the 5G you are voting on. 4G which is what we are using right now utilizes microwave technology. The new 5G utilizes millimeter wave technology. If you have ever been to the airport, the TSA body scanners use millimeter waves to x-ray you. It says so as you walk up. So if you put 5G in the city, you will be forcing the residents to walk through x-rays everyday. Millimeter wave technology was invented by the US military, and was a deployed as a weapon against an enemy in the Middle East. For example, Active Denial System is a directed energy weapon millimeter wave system. 5G is a weapons system, there is no denying this. Over in The Hague in the Netherlands, they installed 5G and tested it to see how powerful it is and the result is the birds fell out of the sky dead on the ground. If you put this up and it falls into the wrong hands we are all in serious trouble. Now the reason why we are told we need this is because apparently we need to be able to illegally pirate movies much quicker than we can currently. The real reason is artificial intelligence and the internet of things. The internet of things is the idea that all appliances are hooked up to the internet like your toaster, your trashcan, your thermostat etc… As I demonstrated earlier this is a surveillance system and is used to x-ray you in the airport. These so-called smart appliances listen to your every command which means they are listening to you. I don't want to live in a world where around every corner is a piece of technology snooping in on my conversation. The propaganda campaign for 5G is just getting started and they're already telling us how it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. But, guess what? 5G was developed in the nation of Israel and Israel isn't putting 5G in their country because they know what it is. These AT&T guys are going to come up here and try to debunk me, but I have an industry trade publication where GSMA Intelligence tells us this reality. This is unneeded technology being forced on the population. We are told that China is doing this therefore we need to compete. China is a nation that has enslaved its population and is doing so with this type of technology. If we really care about being a free country, the last thing we should be doing is emulating China. Do the right thing. Say no to 5G in Hermosa Beach. Twitter:
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