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#pmo Monday
“Action proceeds motivation” Instead of waiting to feel courageous… Take action first – and the courage is a side effect!
I also share with you some basic reminders that:
✅ There is no health emergency.
An emergency is sudden, unexpected, and has potential for great calamity. An emergency does not last for several months. There is a pre-emergency stage, an actual emergency, a recovery stage, and a mitigation stage. We are in the recovery and mitigation stages. The governors have even said so, with all if their phases and stages for reopening. You can’t be in the emergency room and in the recovery room at the same time.
✅ You do not need to prove that there is no emergency. The burden of proof is on those making the claim.
✅ Therefore all emergency health orders are null and void. 
✅ You do not need to show evidence that masks are harmful. The burden of proof is on those making the claim. They are the ones who need to show that masks work and do not have harmful side effects.
✅ No governor, mayor, city manager, or sheriff may make a law
✅ No store may enforce a policy that violates the law
✅ You have the right to enter any public place of accommodation, like restaurants, stores, banks, etc without wearing a mask.
✅ You are not trespassing because these are places of public accommodation and you have the right to be there
✅ Parents, do not send your children to school if others are wearing masks. I have better options for you
✅ Don’t steal someone’s information and pass it off as your own. Just give the attribution or link. Otherwise you are stealing intellectual property — and it violates copyright law.
✅ Pray for the naysayers and drown them out with your love snd light. They are lost souls under the influence of evil.
Thank you for standing with me for truth and freedom!! I appreciate you!
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