Merry Christmas and good intentions

Dear friends of the blog,

I wish you a Christmas of good and I thank you, one by one, accompanied me here.

I share with you a work of art, the auspicious, the Angel of the Life of Giovanni Segantini: it is guarded in Milan at the Galleria d’arte Moderna in via Palestro.

I propose you as a wish because, in addition to be a magnificent picture, it urges us to say things as they are: the Angel who gives life has a somewhat feminine appearance.

We advance some way in the new year. We will continue to take care of vaccines; we’ll tackle the topic of pesticides and contraceptives, this in the early months of the year.

I will devote a few interview the next candidates for the provision of Health care as richiestomi from some of you. You are going to vote in march (finally), and saw that the health issues are very delicate, it is important to at least tear up … some promise.

A good sincere Christmas to all.


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