So Lorenzin, making it disappear advertising uncomfortable (but true)

Tabella influnetThe two billboards that you see below were published to Bari in the first days of the year. The first warns that vaccines sometimes cause side effects more or less serious (source: Aifa and the Constitutional court), and invites those who read to inform themselves.

The second advertises the anti-influenza, remembering that the flu “attacks and can kill”, states that there are risk categories, and suggests that you seek advice from your doctor. (But it has also given exaggerated without source).

The difference between the two ads is that the first has been removed in the blink of an eye the order of the minister of Health of the outgoing Lorenzin, which does not tolerate is to be reminded of the biennial report on vaccines of Aifa (12.465 adverse reactions, and 75 dead), in addition to rulings that provide compensation to the injured as serious.

The second advertisement, however, is still there (above all with claims experience).

In fact, in terms of messages, the billboard censored was a dimension (“vaccines can have serious side effects”), and responds to the true (Aifa) .

The one left is absolutist, to believe that the anti-influenza protect you from the flu. Instead of, you know – we should know all – that are more than a hundred viruses that cause the syndromes influenza (the vaccine is always aimed against the 3-4 viruses “old”, isolated from two to eight years before). Moreover, those who are ill may not understand from what the virus has been struck, unless they perform some special investigations (swab and pharyngeal isolation viral).

Considering that the vast majority of the virus is not contained in the vaccines, it is misleading to believe heart disease, the elderly, or those suffering from respiratory disorders – in addition to pregnant women and to children – that the anti-influenza gives a great protection from the influenza syndrome (!).

In fact, the chronicles of those days tell us that the virus affect in equal measure the vaccinated and non-vaccinated.

Always the poster left shows the numbers exaggerated and not justified. It is the law that, because of the influence, there would have been “in Puglia 222 serious cases and 83 deaths”, a massacre that not even in Italy occurred (!). In the attachment you can find the table , Influnet, with the deaths from influenza in Italy: the numbers in the third column refer to the dead immediately after or during the flu (last year 53 people), while the fourth column shows “the dead in the period of influence” that runs from November to march. To understand this last statement, I refer you to the explanations that gave us John Rezza, epidemiologist ISS. Click here.

Let’s go back to this spot on billboard. And we ask ourselves:

What will you say about the authority for the guarantees in communications in the Nra?

It is normal for a departing minister decides to censor a billboard that invites you to inquire citing data Aifa? (The data Aifa include, for example, 66 deaths due to vaccine against influenza in 2014).

It is normal that on the poster considered “correct” is the following a fact that is not true and that is, that only in Puglia there were 222 serious cases and 83 deaths?

It is normal that the parents committee who purchased the space on the poster censored is now accused of “procured alarm”?

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