Fired for refusing the vaccine (and had had the disease!)

9CEA57D5-EEDE-4CE8-8FB2-42C2AA486E18A story from which to take example, that many of you already know. Regarding the midwife marche licensed in trunk in November last year, because – so they dismissed the case, newspapers and television – “refused to be vaccinated”.

We will see that the woman:

1) Not have refused the vaccinations but, on the contrary, he sought in all ways to make the vaccine against mumps (which exists abroad, but it is hard to find).

2) Having 57 years, has antibodies to all the diseases esantematiche contracted as a child: high protection from measles, chicken pox, rubella, and just below the threshold for mumps; therefore, as required by law 119/17 on the obligation of vaccination – has declined the offer of the trivalent.

3) Rivoltasi to an expert, and he repeated three times the serological test in certified laboratories: one was just below the threshold (negative), in the other two antibodies were above the limit of positivity (frankly positive). How can that be? It is seen that “there is no limit given for antibodies to mumps”, the explicitly admit the Ema (the Agency of medication in the european community) and specialist texts. [Source: Ema (Query ASK-32116, July 11, 2017)]. Reads the report: “The limits of positivity and negativity of the test (all tests for the mumps) are arbitrary. In fact, there have been many and widespread outbreaks in the community is highly vaccinated. The disease can affect not only those who are already vaccinated, but also those who is vaccinated and antibody titers are very high. Completely different is the situation in the case of the natural disease which confers, to the opposite of the vaccine, long-lasting protection”.

Among the few certainties of Medicine today, there is what diseases esantematiche are as Paganini does not repeat.

However, M. G. midwife of 57 years, a few months from retirement, was dismissed. She’s the one on the 3,400 employees of the Asur Wide 3 of Macerata and the effect of a determines the director-general in October 2017, which obliges those who work in the departments at risk (oncology, hematology, neonatology, intensive care) to be vaccinated against the disease esantematiche.

It will say that it is a measure sacrosanct. But if up to 2017 if it is made less, and no infant has been infected during delivery, some reflection should do it.

The first: if a person is 57-year-old has a contract all those diseases in childhood (and M. G. has been able to prove it) and, like the vast majority of the italians of that age, is immune, the policy that approves a similar measure today should consider this context. In the Usa, in fact, persons born before 1957 are considered to be “protected” for the infections of the children.

Once it was considered normal to get sick from measles, rubella, and mumps as children, “so that you don’t think about it more”; even in the Baci Perugina is still the note that says “marriage is like a disease esantematica, sooner or later touches everyone”. (In the photo the version dedicated to the measles).

Then, it asks the 3,400 employees of the three hospitals, Civitanova, Macerata, and Camerino, which were all current on their vaccinations when M. G. was fired? Recall that the report of the work of the midwife has been brutally truncated in two months: in September, the request to be vaccinated, in November the stop.

You will say that not all are pediatricians, nurses or midwives, and that employees do not come into contact with pregnant women. Not true. The environment is the same and virus do not stop in front of a closed door: a new mother you need of documents, bars, restaurants, toilets, shops of books and newspapers and walking well as to the corridors. One wonders, then, if those who decided the fate of the midwife is vaccinated for all those diseases. You know that the doctors are good at prescribing the shots to the other, are very reluctant to do so for themselves.

Yet it is only the midwife is the descent of the cleaver: a ba in the trunk, despite having been shown not to have already contracted the disease. Not only. Was not considered even a change of duties for those few months that remained until retirement. In the meantime, in the newspapers and on tv, it bounced off the accusation: “he Has refused the vaccines, therefore, is a criminal”.


The bullying.

“When I was asked to get a vaccination I presented in the direction of my exams; evaluated the antibodies of the mumps just below the threshold, I had expressed the will to take the test (I was certain of having contracted the disease in the past), the company refused, and I scored on vacation for a month. I used that time to find a vaccine constituent. – tells M. G. – I have searched everywhere: to the pharmacies of the Vatican, San Marino, Switzerland. Even in european Countries where I have relatives. At the end I was told that the vaccine exists in England and in St. Petersburg, but that it is necessary to a particular purchase procedure (the individual may not get it); my company has, however, refused, saying that there is a trivalent…”.

She has chosen not to do.

“I asked my superiors, to assume their responsibility if, with my antibodies high, or add new ones would be like drinking a glass of water, but have not done it, health is mine.”

At the time he had read the documents that establish that there is a limit of antibodies to determine the protection from mumps?

“No, but I was certain that he had the disease and I would have brought my mother and my brother to witness it. The doctors of the commission had reason to know that the disease gives a immune protection effective not limited to, the presence of antibodies. And then, I had also recently been in close contact with a person suffering from mumps and, coincidentally, I have taken”.

As was the case dismissal?

“I learned from the newspapers on the morning of 15 November. My lawyer has received the official communication via Pec at 9:40 on the same day. The media had certainly been informed in great detail, someone had revealed to them my identity and my vicissitudes because the publication of the dismissal on the praetorian register of the company, appeared 12 hours before dispatch of the Pec, which was anonymous and without details”.

What they wrote in the newspaper?

“Large titles as well. Someone gave me a ‘criminal’ paragonandomi to a truck driver who is drunk driving’. After decades of work done with care and consciousness, imagine what it’s been for me to read those words. I have made very few absences for illness, are very healthy and I have always played with passion, my work, beautiful gratitude…”


The career.

The writer of the marche , Lucia Tancredi stepped on the Chronicles of macerata in the defense of the’ midwife who “has supported her in the most delicate period”, and who “has taught natural childbirth to thousands of women”. See here. M. G. shows us letters of solidarity to the mothers who attended. In one we read: “When I gave birth to my son, in the hospital were committed not a few errors, this woman has taken care of us with dedication and deep respect of the stages of the baby and the mother. Three years have passed, still I say thank you, while in the hospital he sent us home with a bag of milk powder, the strength of what I learned in those moments, I always breast-fed my child.”

Talking with her we learn that she has a booklet of vaccination jam-packed with dates and vaccines, because it’s been on the point of starting a mission in Kosovo, with the military. Who donated marrow to a stranger, that offers regularly the blood, who does not smoke and leads a healthy life. That was not recognised nothing, neither a bonus nor severance, nor the half salary pending the judgment as was awarded to the nurse of the same Asl accused of raping a woman in a psychiatric ward. See here. And to think that in Civitanova there is as well a primary that does not provide service in the hospital because appointed mayor of Montelupone. See here.


In expectation of justice.

The dismissal of M. G. was very fast. The judgment of the court of the work, however, you have to wait. “We have filed in January a petition for reinstatement and compensation for damages – explains the lawyer Monica Serious – the hearing was held in February, we are awaiting the decision of the court”.

The lawyer asks if in all the Wide area 3 is considered to be at risk (of infecting the pregnant women) only M. G.: “We knew that in the departments of obstetrics, gynaecology and paediatrics, there are operators in the same situation in which it was found, assisted my. However, they are allowed to continue working. Why only M. G was considered dangerous to be removed and then fired?”.



So it remains still open the case of the midwife M. G. dismissed on the trunk by the press, treated like a criminal (not sick, not infected and, as the medical literature, is more protected from the mumps of those who have had the vaccine), left without pay and without severance pay.

It seems the perfect representation of the consequences of the “Injured Vaccine”, the new Majesty’s health, which obey all the ministers and members of parliament regardless of political: “Waste the trivalent even if you don’t need? Here’s what happens to you”.


You see, the Scapegoat is not only that, if necessary, pay for the other. It is above all, and first of all, a principle of explanation, mr. Season.”(Daniel Pennac)


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