Those fetal cells to produce vaccines

Used for half a century: the cells of the aborted fetus to produce vaccines. Vaccines that all of us have received, or done to our children, most times without the knowledge of the manufacturing process. Behind the shield against measles, mumps, chicken pox, polio, hepatitis A and yellow fever, there are two pregnancies voluntarily interrupted in the third and fourth month of pregnancy. Two children ever born. A female Swedish aborted in 1962 and a boy in English in 1966. Their lungs were extracted from the fibroblasts (connective tissue cells) that have composed the cell lines WI-38 and MRC-5, still in use today. Are the culture media that make the viruses suitable to be included in vaccines.

How ever most of us ignore or have ignored this use “casual” of the two fetuses? And those of us who, once informed, would be prepared to accept, without the slightest moral qualms, that sections a small human body to produce a drug? One, two, or a hundred thousand fetuses: for those of you disgusting, there is no difference. Today, yesterday, or 50 years ago, an abortion is always abortion.

Moreover, we discover from the statements of Stanley Plotkin, medical and a consultant for Sanofi-Pasteur, and for designing vaccines at Wistar Institute of Philadelphia, were sacrificed 76 fetuses. Here.

Try and try again. Then, the result: to fight a disease esantematica, dangerous only to pregnant women (and, therefore, that it would be useful to contract by small, seen that, with the disease, gets immunity for the whole life) you kill and make to pieces the sons of those maternity rejects it. Even it was a punishment from dante’s…

When the cell lines WI-38 and MRC-5 will become extinct (no line is eternal) will be replaced with other “spare parts”, with a new fetus, in other words.

We ask ourselves what sense it makes to prevent the use of embryonic cells for research (how many debates on the issue and judgements of the european parliament) and use it, without declaring it openly, those present in the body and for the manufacture of serums and pharmaceuticals. Is certainly not “hiding” a crime that if they lose the moral consequences.

They are outraged, of course.

I was unaware of all this at the moment to vaccinate my babies and I do not feel, therefore, justified. Neither my pediatrician nor the operators ASL and I had put at the current. You obbietterà that there is a crime seen that those women abortirono voluntarily: yes, liberissime, but those opposed to abortion, and ignore how they are produced, these vaccines makes a choice that does not belong to them, a choice that is immoral. Becomes accomplice in spite of himself.

I was deceived. And with me millions of parents.

Today, within of the much touted “correct information”, necessary conditions for proceeding to any medical treatment, there is no trace of explanation about the proceedings.

And yet we have grown in respect for the faiths and rituals of others, even if you do not share them. No one would ever dream of failing at diets and religious guaranteed to all children or jews or muslims: woe to offer them ham or pork chops to the school catering. God forbid. We do not understand, we do not share but respect. The pig to be unclean did not touch you, the child, instead of yes.

The Church.

Read here the first pronouncement of the Pontifical Academy for life (established by Pope plan b admitted in 1994), on vaccines derived from fetal cells. It was 2005. Aware of how to have been produced from those cell lines, the prelate invited the faithful to rebel. It speaks “of the true and illicit cooperation in evil”. We read: “citizens have the responsibility to oppose, with the objection of conscience…”. Not only. The invitation is to “oppose by all means” and to put pressure on the companies because design cell lines alternatives, and asking for “a legal audit strict. The Academy admits the exception in the case of life-threatening to self or others. Other information here and here.

The about-turn.

Twelve years later, the Pontifical academy has changed step. I would say that has made a real turn around, see here. “In the past, vaccines can be prepared from cells coming from human fetuses aborted, but by the time the cell lines used are very distant from the abortions of the original”. And cooperation in moral evil? “Resolved, thanks to advances in medicine…”. That will mean?

The objection of conscience.

Conscientious objection, however, is a personal act, that comes from your hear, the Church or not. Not all muslims refrain from eating pork and drinking alcohol, but many follow these rules. Not all christians consider the holy life, but many yes. Ditto for the buddhists, there is one who does not kill even the pests of the plants and those who exterminated the whales. What makes the difference in the moral field, and that such behaviour is to their own conscience.

As you cannot expect a child a muslim or a jew to eat the salami, or a catholic doctor objector to practice a abortion (in fact in all the hospitals there are gynecologists, and is not; and for some, abortion is a right, for others it is a right not to practice) in the same way, as you accept that a person produces and uses those vaccines, it also respects the choice to the contrary. That is the objection of conscience.

If I were in danger of life, and my life-saving drug was grown on human cells? Different speech but today there are no life-saving drugs derived from cell lines of fetal, there are only vaccines, preventive means of diseases that, at the time of vaccination, they don’t even know if there will be. I say no, thanks.

My no not change the world, but it reflects my consciousness as the choices that define us. A lot of “no” may induce industries to diversify production. It happened with the palm oil in the cookies, with the glutamate in the nuts to soup, with refined sugar in some candies. Going to happen with the fetuses, I hope.

The conference.

The theme, as ever, will be discussed on 13th march at the conference “Faith, Science and Consciousness” that will take place in Rome at the Casa Bonus Pastor, via Aurelia 208. Promoted by the cultural association Renovatio 21, the debate will see the participation of the cardinal the most reverend Raymond Leo Burke. Speakers will be the researcher, Theresa Deisher that we heard at the conference of the Biologists here. The Deisher claims to have found traces of fetal DNA in certain vaccines, and that this presence may explain the triggering of an autoimmune response.

Then Debi Vinnedge, scholar; Stefano Montanari, a scientist; Martina Collotta, doctor. Entrance by donation with compulsory reservation,

Montanari will remember that the cell lines fetal are more than two. “At the moment there are thirty or vaccines made with the two cell lines WI-38 and MRC-5 in addition to beauty creams. But they are in preparation for other cell lines”. Montanari professes to be agnostic, “I believe only to the facts but I do not understand how the Church can state that abortion of 50 years ago is less abortion. What is with the reading of the Canon law, who is an abortion – or induces or takes advantage of – he commits a mortal sin and subject to excommunication latae sententiae (meaning that you are immediately excommunicated)”. For Montanari also the muslim communities and jewish would have the right to express themselves and be heard since “in the preparation of all the vaccines you use gelatine of pork as a stabilizer heat”.

Among others, Martina Collotta will explain how is an abortion; tell you that those aimed at cell lines, “leave the fetus intact. And the fetus must be absolutely healthy”. Therefore, the interest of the industries will not fall on the babies aborted spontaneously, which may be carriers of some malformation, but on those aborted by choice.

Already, there is always a choice.

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