School and vaccines, the new law will take away the blackmail?


We came down in the square for this. To ask in a loud voice that the disease does not prevent the blackmail.

It is unfair – not to say illegal – to influence a right guaranteed by the Constitution (such as attend school) to the completeness of the booklet of vaccination. A right life of its own, if you give it the “under conditions …” the distorted, is no longer a right.

However, it is successful. The law 119/17 introduced “the prevention health with blackmail” as it strengthens a relationship mercenary between the act of vaccination and the entrance to the school. If until two years ago, the doctor suggested the best for us – that could also be the ‘now-that-vaccine-no’ – all of a sudden the policy has decided that the State is doing better than the doctor. Forget about the place of hospitality par excellence, the hand that supports working moms: stop to the nests and nursery if you do not pay the arm of your child in 10 bites. Do ut des, beauty. It is the oldest profession in the world, you need to come up with a reason

No, thank you. We occupied the squares, many of us have abandoned the asylum and not because we are no-vax, but because we know that prevention of diseases is a serious thing. To deal with minds open with your doctor, who knows us well.

The news.

It is yesterday an amendment to the text that would become law (the bill 770 still under discussion) – Deo gratias – abolish the blackmail “no school without vaccines”. The text number 2 in 7.0.1 co-signed by the League and the M5S provides that “as from the entry into force of the new law, all schools of every order and degree, the documents vaccination it shall be no more requirement for access”. Click here to see the full text, developed by senators Maria Cristina Cantù (Alloy), Pierpaolo Sileri (M5S) and Sonia Fregolen (Alloy).

What can I say? It is a step forward compared to the darkness of the law 119, which, with the subsequent circular has authorized the minister to send the police in schools, not to check that they comply with the rules of the fire prevention (more than half of the buildings is at risk), but to close the gates to the children without a certificate.


However, these hours are coming to a critical. Among the parents, there are those who replied that an amendment alone does not make a law. In fact, the text is all in rate. But if there are political will and the purpose of intent the amendment will pass.

On A closer look, it is a measure consistent with the agreement of government signed by Salvini and Maio in which you refer to “a fair balance between the right to education and right to health”. So now there is the way to start the promise.

Other families, however, do not trust. Would have preferred consistency on this aspect was implemented during the school year to prevent exclusions from school and the vaccinations with blackmail. Fear it’s a “move to ballot” to win votes in view of the European.

It can all be. And if it is true that time is a gentleman, and we will understand if it is a promise from Pinocchio.

In the meantime, I prefer to trust and then, possibly, to change my mind, rather than give up to appreciate the prerequisites of a good job.


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