A Line Too Far: How Pharma Could Lose BIG in the Bid for Stripping Away Vaccine Exemption Rights

The California experiment of removing religious and  philosphical exemptions, and then bullying tactics to deny medical exemptions to mandatory vaccination laws is being replicated in States across the country.  These exemptions exist as rights that the people of individual states gave themselves.  Here are some reasons why stripping exemptions and leaving mandates without exemptions is a line too far.

#1. Many families need personal/philosophical exemptions to protect their families from vaccine injury. 

Medical professionals are willfully mislead by CDC, AAP and other organizations on the reality of vaccine injury.  As a scientist who has participated in over 100 research studies of myriad types, including neurodevelopment and immunology, I can say that the denial that vaccine cause both neurodevelopmental disorders and autoimmunity is paper thin.  Let me give you an example.  Researchers routinely induce human autoimmunity disorder in mice using aluminum hydroxide.  Very low doses are needed if a genetic risk to an autoimmune condition already exists. Aluminum hydroxide is present in over 1/2 of the vaccines children receive due to CDC ‘s recommended pediatric schedule.

#2. The expansion of the vaccine schedule and vaccination during pregnancy has already, and will again cause a ten-fold increase in vaccine risk awareness in the voting public. 

Vaccine risk awareness was very limited 15 years ago. Now it’s on fire.  If exemptions are removed, Pharma (via ACIP and CDC) will expand the vaccine schedule and add more vaccines.  This will of course lead to increased numbers of families who need exemptions due to direct, first-hand experience with vaccine injury.  When they turn to the State for exemptions, they will learn that they were removed, and that their child must either be home-schooled or vaccine injured.  The expansion of the use of vaccines in untested populations, including pregnant women (influenza, TdaP) will compound vaccine injury in children due to cumulative exposure to injected mercury, aluminum, and unsafe epitopes.  I estimate at least a ten-fold increase in injury, which will lead to maybe a 50-fold increase in vaccine risk awareness.  RIght quick we get to 100% vaccine risk awareness, and there is no return.

#3. Politicians usually do not fare well when they strip rights that people have given themselves. 

Families who can no longer enjoy the merits of public education without injuring their child and, and will home school.  Schools are struggling to handle the massive numbers of children with neurodevelopmental disorders. The juggernaut of vaccine enforcement is pushing for mandatory vaccination even in children who are home-schooled.

The actual bill of removing someone’s existing rights requires a sponsor willing to risk the wrath of the people who need exemptions.  Everyone knows you should not come between a mama bear and her cubs.

In short, political support for stripping exemptions will prove to be political death.  Pharma donations to both sides of the aisle to buy these bills cannot change the fact of a mathematical rule: 100% vaccination means maximum vaccine injury.  The public will not tolerate the insanity of mandatory vaccination without personal, philosophical and religious exemptions.

The net result of all of these factors is that Pharma will lose political support for any law enforcing vaccines.  In fact, laws mandating vaccine could be repealed if the extent of vaccine injury concomitant vaccine risk awareness becomes too broad.

So, Pharma, ask yourself: where is a line too far?  Where do you stand to lose it all?  California was a fluke.  Pan had to lie to his colleagues in the California Senate about the use of aborted fetal cells in vaccines.  I’m surprised Pan wasn’t sanctioned for that lie.  But now that Stanley Plotkin has told the world in videotaped testimony that aborted fetal cells are indeed in vaccines, and that he knows that the studies conducted to date cannot be used to rule out that vaccines might cause autism, and the entire vaccine risk aware community has the evidence that aborted fetal cells are used in vaccines, that aluminum is used to induce autoimmunity in animals, that mercury and aluminum synergistic toxicity is real… there will not be another California, and if there is, the people of the next state will remember who stripped them of their rights to choose.

I’m in this area of research to help make artificial approaches to immunity safer with biomarkers and changes to vaccine formulas.  I do what I do because I’d like to see medical practices based on valid, not fake, science.  I provide evidence in support of vaccine injury backed by science because I’m an ethical scientist.  I won’t participate in  scientific fraud that leads innocent moms and dads to help doctors injure their children.

In my opinion, Pharma has already crossed a line too far.  I’m against corporations running America.  In my view, to engender any type of legitimacy in the public’s eye, the following reforms must take place:

  • Corporation donations to the CDC Foundation and the NIH Foundations must end.  These are government agencies who should answer only to Congress.
  • No one with industry ties should be allowed to serve on ACIP.  Every member has conflicts of interest except one (an officer in the US military)
  • Donations to political candidates by Pharma must be banned.  We need campaign finance reform.  People should not vote for any candidate who accepts money from Pharma.
  • Thimerosal and aluminum must be abandoned.  Metal-free vaccines should be given priority for contracts.
  • Unsafe epitopes must be banned.  No one should inject proteins that are similar to human proteins into any human being.
  • Vaccine makers should condemn any bill that seeks to strip American citizens of their rights to choose to vaccinate.
  • Pharma, fix your damned vaccines.

James Lyons-Weiler

Allison Park, PA




Original source: https://jameslyonsweiler.com/2019/01/27/a-line-too-far-how-pharma-could-lose-big-in-the-bid-for-stripping-away-vaccine-exemption-rights/

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