5G and the Magic of Alchemy

– It's not Good vs Evil – it's seated vs the evacuated.
– Nice is not a good word.
– Fashion is mind control Five steps of alchemy:
Step 1) RECOGNIZE (BE CONSCIOUS) – "I am saying 'uh-huh' over-and-over which means I
am being drained of energy. Step 2) PROTECT (BE BODY) – I will go back into my fort I don't have to say a
word. Step 3) GRATITUDE (BE REPTILE) – Fear is not a mistake. It's actually a golden opportunity. Step 4) Ownership (BE MAMMAL) – The entire crew is behind me and they trust me. Step 5) Transform (BE HUMAN) – It's time to invoke my spell (throw this pie)

Original source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYldTgl6-VM

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