#88 – Dojo Earth (trimmed)

Dojo Earth is a terrarium for consciousness. Dojo Earth is a cathedral of belief. You cashed the golden ticket of amnesia to be here. The only user manual is you. The Old Testament was an oral tradition. It came delivered on Mt Sinai. It was the Torah and the Mishnah. The written and the spoken. The AC and the DC. All Abrahamic religions come from the same well. No one is out to get you. Everyone is your biggest fan. They are competing for your consent. They want you to chose them. Why do they:
1) Show Building 7?
2) Do false shootings?
3) Spare the Challenger crew?
4) Follow natural law?
5) Show you Covid during the Olympics and the fire of Notre Dame in 2012? Why don't they just:
1) Fake an assassination and install martial law?
2) Set off every airbag and down every plane and blame a virus?
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Original source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w__hmuilxvY

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