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On Halloween 2018, I published my first book, The Spell of Six Dragons. This is a compiled journal of over ten years of my life with poetry, songs, and stories. It gave me a foundation in the craft of writing a novel.

My second book, Blueprints of Mind Control, is a collection of essays designed to educate the reader into the psychological gelding program necessary to control a population. I have developed a style in this book I call pulp nonfiction. The goal is to deliver a rich, sharp tincture to the mind like an espresso. It fits the modern style of short burstable truth and is engineered to detox the reader through emotional immersion.

In many ways, my third book, The Technology of Belief, is a continuation of the same pulp nonfiction style. The theme is focused on resetting the self by invigorating one’s center of power. This requires rebuilding the egoic field and seeing the prana economy that runs underneath our thoughts. Belief is a vital plasma in the body. It’s the most valuable commodity we have. It is a finite resource worthy of respect and awareness.

My fourth book is called Quantum Rapture. It is a Scifi that melds artificial intelligence, transhumanism, and the Bible. It showcases a theory that humanity is living inside a system that resets itself every time man reaches consciousness singularity.

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(I also accept silver rounds. One per book. PO Box 403, Banner Elk, NC 28604.)

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