Babylon is Gone


There is no Gold Standard for testing Covid-19. This is a ritual of denial.

Babylon is gone. Even in my small town, it’s become impossible to live here. Every park and stream is closed to the public. Every store that is still open has plexiglass cages and bitter employees running the show. The stupidity is rampant and no one is listening to reason. The credit card machine is covered in a plastic bag while the clerk barks for me to slide my card underneath where it’s magically sanitary. Many shelves are empty except wine and beer. Those are full.

The few nurses/doctors I am able to track down who are telling people they just don’t get it won’t explain what it is we aren’t getting. All I see are stories from friends of friends who retweeted from another friend’s page. If you are truly convinced people aren’t getting it, where is your commitment to truth and health?

If you know of anyone who is on the front lines I want to share their story. A nurse I knew from WakeMed Raleigh scolded me on social media for not taking the virus seriously enough. I asked him to educate me about what he was seeing but he refused. He claimed I would not believe him.  But, I want the truth. I am willing to tell everyone regardless of how bad it makes me look. I cannot find a doctor or nurse who is willing to share their horror stories with me. I had to find out myself. This was posted on YouTube a few days ago. This is from WakeMed in Raleigh. The very hospital where my friend insisted I would not believe the carnage:

What I have found are numerous doctors and nurses who keep telling me the reaction and response to this threat are suspect and something else is going on that has nothing to do with covid19.

The only thing harder than convincing a soldier they are committing murder is convincing a nurse they are committing homicide.

In a foxhole, there is no procedure to stop fighting. On a ship, there is no procedure to stop launching torpedos. In a hospital, there is no procedure to stop committing homicide. The only thing that can do that is humanity. But every person who dies on the field makes it harder and harder to change course.

There is no difference between nurses and soldiers. Both are trapped inside a procedure. Stop calling them heroes. Call them human. Upgrade them so they can find the strength to do the right thing. This is a war between the living and the dead. This is a war between humanity and corporations. These corporations have slaves who hated themselves long before this began.

There are too many of them. They run Babylon now. We will never survive in their world. We have to build a new one.


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