Behold a Pale Horse’s Ass


Author and radio broadcaster Bill Cooper knew how the system worked. Bill told us they would come for him and they did. Bill Cooper was wanted by the Clintons and the IRS. He was named a major fugitive by the United States Marshall Service. Bill Cooper died two months after 9/11 in Eagar, Arizona. Two deputies came for him and Bill Cooper died in a gunfight. Bill was smeared by the law, the courts, the IRS, and the Southern Poverty Law Center. He predicted and conveyed the truth. He warned us of what was to come. He brought home the blueprints to the Death Star and they killed him for it. We helped kill Bill Cooper. Our silver went into the bottomless pockets of a federal meat-chipper who hunted him down and ate him alive. Behold a Pale Horse is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the capabilities and motivations of the federal government. Bill taught me enough to understand that countries aren’t what we think they are. Bill taught me the key to control is the illusion of dominance. For any authority, nothing is more important than controlling an illusion. The quest for truth is professional team wrestling. The house wins when everyone buys a ticket and every player is controlled through selection.

Evaluate crumbs: Usama Bin Laden gave CNN a Live TV interview in 1997. ABC in 1998. Time in 1999. UBL was already a high-value “target” by the United States and Mossad yet they missed three opportunities to apprehend him?

On June 28th, 2001, Bill Cooper predicted something big was about to happen. He predicted they would blame whatever it was on Usama Bin Laden. Ten weeks later, on 9/11 something big happened. Two months afterward, Bill Cooper was dead. The pale horse Bill Cooper wrote about was truth in the light of day. Behold a Pale Horse was Bill Cooper telling you all about it. Bill Cooper was the Pale Horse.

Alex Jones is a Pale Horse’s ass. Alex Jones interviewed Bill Cooper on his show in 1998. Bill Cooper never came back. Bill Cooper would later call Alex Jones a fraud. Bill knew the dangers of Alex Jones. Bill knew the power of archetypes and persuasion. Bill knew what Alex was up to long before Alex did. Bill knew a controlled asset is always the last to know. On New Year’s Eve, 1999, Alex Jones claimed Russia had launched inter-continental ballistic missiles at America. He’s caught on camera being invited to a pro-gun rally and pretending to crash the event. Alex’s narcissism makes him an asset. Assets are programmed by the system from the time we are children. The endocrine system is its own handler. Endorphins are a tax-free paycheck.

Assets like Jones don’t lie. Assets are chosen. Assets follow their own biological program. Assets come on both sides. That’s why most don’t understand Alex Jones. People insist he exposes the truth. But he restricts it like a pinched garden hose. People wouldn’t have watched Alex without him feeding us truth. Assets turn truth into tasty salt licks that can be used as cattle fencing. Assets are used for recovery and for sabotage. Assets are the crook and flail of a shepherd at work in the field. David Wilcock is an asset. So is Jordan Sather. This doesn’t mean they were strapped to a chair and given MKUltra. It means they were given a platform to manipulate the psyche because they will behave predictably. This is the true definition of a pundit. It’s why Trump invites Scott Adams to the White House on Aug 3rd, 2018 and Lionel just three weeks later. These men are polar opposites on Q.

Trump is an archetypal chiropractor. The best in the business. Assets are the tools he uses to make adjustments to our beliefs. Assets don’t pretend nor do they lie. They are genuinely invested in their own perspective. You will find most assets are charismatic, likable and want your approval. They are influential when they appeal to your senses.

Trump has a growing army of assets. Some are wrestlers who still wear black capes. We are programmed to hate them which helps Trump’s energy grow stronger. Trump is Hulk-a-mania and we want him to win the game. We cheer for Trump as a byproduct of our hatred for Jim Acosta. He too is an acquired asset. People forget politics is professional wrestling. It has to work this way. Archetypes are only effective when they have control over a nation’s prana. Politicians are alchemists here to entrain our passion. That’s why we only have two parties. That’s why every world war only has two sides. It’s not a metaphor to call it a wrestling match. Both of these arenas are transmuting our energy through a pinch in the garden hose.

Trump needs Greater Israel. His entire bloodline depends on it. If Trump can’t stop a false flag in Parkland or Vegas, he’s not going to be able to stop one on the Temple Mount. Once that happens, they won’t need to disarm gun owners in America. The voter is the power behind Trump and right now that power is in the hands of dual-citizens. Trump has zero choices in that regard. He’d kick more ass if we would. No one remembers the USS Liberty. We still can’t accept 9/11 was an inside job. Alex Jones claimed he coined that phrase. In March, he told Joe Rogan truthers are paranoid schizophrenics. As I said, assets are controllable and selected. Jones is being squeezed by lawyers now over his claims at Sandy Hook. He is their garden hose now. He was always easy to squeeze.

“Listen to everyone, read everything, believe nothing unless you can prove it in your own research.” – Bill Cooper

Trump’s goals are the same as Q’s. Trump will manipulate the American mind so he can win. This is what makes him an effective leader. Saudi Arabi will probably be blamed for 9/11. Iran will be liberated as we claimed to do in Lybia. This will lead to Greater Israel and peace in the middle east. This will Make America Great Again. I am not telling you Mossad works against the US government. I am telling you Mossad is the US government. They will bring peace to the Middle East like the mafia brought peace to shop owners who pay for protection. Peace is the commodity of bullies. Trump will better his Country which will better Israel. Trump works for and with people who work for Israel. Trump will serve the people he works for. There can be no exceptions. The people support Israel and they want peace. This is how political mind control works. This is what the Balfour Declaration was about. Mossad has embedded itself in the minds of America. It’s why they invented Hollywood.

If you feel a strong reaction to a political celebrity in the truth movement they are probably doing their job well. Trump needs an anti-Q task force like Scott Adams, Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka, and Jack Posobiec to play the bad wrestlers. An effective psyop controls a predictable reaction. A psyop injects a synthesis to create anti-synthesis. This is the same mechanism of Hollywood. They tell you what to not like as often as they tell you what to like. We are just as moved by the act of repulsion. Jack’s smirky face is here to move you. Strong emotions are the fuel of every psyop and like Bannon, Jack works for Naval Warfare Intelligence. Researchers too afraid to consider Jack working for Q are invested in the wrestling drama. They are lost in the soap opera and don’t want to face any hints of an intermission.

Q is saving Israel for last, it’s the one part of the deal an American Patriot would have the most trouble accepting. Gnosis comes when you turn an infatuation with Q back into a real relationship with the purpose of government. Controlling an illusion of total dominance. Q is tied to Israel because America is her provider. Can you smell what the Temple Rock is cooking?

Behold the Pale Horse of truth. The media not asking about Q tells you more than you may find comfortable to digest. It shows us the web of media and government are woven carefully by the same spider’s fingers. We can’t see her belly yet. It’s far too big for us to admit.

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