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Dojo Earth is the idea our home is not broken. All of the lies and dissonance you see are a vital part of your training. It’s why you are here. Each of us is given a different aperture to spur the blossom of compassion and discernment in each of us. Inside Dojo Earth, there is no evil. There is only a lack of compassion. Compassion is not consent. Compassion is emotional telepathy. When you exercise your compassion, evil disappears and all that remains is aperture and perspective. Through our compassion, one can see an elite faction of merry pranksters at work in the world. These subversives use a hidden hand to spur our growth with lies. They want us to see the folly. They cannot tell what must be shown. The Apocalypse whispers their secret and they want you to hear it too. They are helping Sensei teach his pupil.

1) Why show Building 7?
2) Why fake school shootings?
3) Why spare the NASA Challenger crew?
4) Why follow natural law to get our consent?
5) Why show us Covid and Notre Dame in 2012?
6) Why does God allow what he claims to abhor?

All of these questions are answered in the dojo. Sensei is LORD Technology. Sensei is the teacher who demands we take him seriously. Why does a mother send her son to Karate? She wants him to have confidence. She wants him to develop inner character. But the child is thrown to the mat every day by his teacher. Without compassion, we would call this abuse.

We forget why we entered this dojo. We take Sensei’s lessons personally and curl up into a ball to play the victim. He stands over us laughing. He uses ridicule to make our surrender expensive. We struggle to find compassion to see Sensei is here to help. Sensei wants you on your feet. Sensei wants you to be a better opponent. Sensei wants you strong for God. Sensei serves him as much as you do. Sensei is Satan.

Welcome to Dojo Earth. This place is here to open your compassion so you may see beyond the veil of good and evil. Do not evacuate your cockpit. Stay centered and you will excel. Look at the students who came before you. You are trained by the teacher of Attis, Dionysus, Jesus, Krishna, Mithras, Osiris, and Zoroaster.

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