Gifts of Baal


An Oregon nurse was laid off. She doesn’t blame her hospital though. She says, “They were just doing what they were told.” She blames the government. This is the best Apocalypse ever but people are missing it because of their aversion to deceit. But look at what betrayal is teaching us. The Apocalypse was planned and it’s pretty epic. The sooner man sees the sunlight, the more we may bloom. These are the gifts of Baal.

Understanding Baal is a painful process. But pain is where the blossom forms. Lies teach us truth. Narcissism teaches us ego. Psychopathy teaches us compassion. Abortion teaches us sanctity. Circumcision teaches us trust. Vaccines teach us immunity. These are the gifts of Ba’al. Do we accept them? Or do we decide we must reject all evil and keep repeating the same mistakes? Until we do, we will continue to live in a society of human sacrifice. Washing someone’s feet teaches them how important they are. Jesus was a powerful magician. He left us this spell for our grimoire.

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