Our Lady of Fire and Isis


In Paris, we read, “The cause of the fire is still unknown” to call ourselves informed. We hear from imaginary people on the scene that Notre Dame was an accident. We are content with the official handle on the situation. There was a fire. Its cause is unknown. This is our working narrative. We can link back to the story and never be wrong. News is a television jingle. We sing it to our loved ones and friends. We share it over the water cooler of social media. No one can disagree with our jingle as long as we mimic it verbatim. News is a karaoke machine and we sing along with the prompter. The source is a one-way supply of information.

Narratives aren’t news as much as they are energy supply. The energy is the drama of new information. We bestow fame on those who deliver us new information. We reward the first runner from Gaul to bring us news of the Emperor’s victory. The second runner is kept waiting outside of court. Both runners deliver the same information. Yet only the first one gets the gold. The prize isn’t information so much as its freshness.

In the excitement of fresh ideas, we forget something important. Omissions are facts, too. The space between the stories tells most of the truth. We require seers to look through the obsidian ink and peer beyond the editor’s shoulder at what was missing. We must divine our truth. “The cause of the fire is still unknown” is not the truth. Nor is it even information. It simply puts to rest your desire to ask that one question. If Presidential Debates were for scrutiny, someone would ask what happened to the USS Liberty. If debates were for ratings, someone would ask what happened to WTC Building 7. If debates were mind control, no one would ask these questions. Under mind control, the cause of the fire will always be unknown.

When I was a boy I walked through the doors of Our Lady of Paris Cathedral. It was darker than I expected from being outside in the bright sun. I was wearing black mirrored patent-leather shoes. I was draped in a red robe under a white tunic. I was bringing a song from America. There were forty-four boys in my choir. Most of our offerings were given in Latin. My favorite was the canticle, “Magnificat.” The Song of Mary. We sat in ancient pews on either side of the aisle with our backs pushed against the cold stone wall. When you sing in a cathedral with such a high ceiling you never quite hear your own voice. The internal sky pulls you up like it’s dying of thirst. Notre Dame was the belly of a giant whale and the window mandalas of purple and blue were the frozen cymatic of its moo. Notre Dame has always been a weeping mother. She’s forever beached on an island surrounded by the Seine. Before she was draped in Catholicism this holy ground was the Temple of Isis in 1163. The land of the Parisii had been taken over again by a new kind of Rome. Notre Dame was a two-hundred-year-long construction. It survived Hitler and two world wars. That we accept the cause of the fire is “unknown” is the real tragedy.

Notre Dame has been attacked several times in the past few years. In the first week of February, five churches were vandalized in the same week. The news says things like, “it is unclear if these incidents are related.” In 2016, a priest in Normandy had his throat slit by hostage-takers. The news was very clear on reporting it was jihadists. What we know is there have been over hundreds of Catholic church vandalism in the past few years. We know they have escalated dramatically starting in February.

There is a cause for every fire. There are three suspects responsible for this vandalism. The first suspect is jihadists. We can blame bulls for the damage in the china shop but we’d have better luck looking to the cattle driver. The second suspect is the shopowner himself, the Catholic church. These attacks come when the church is hurting most for sympathy. When Father Roman Galadza was asked about the fire at St. Elias the Prophet in Ukraine he said, “We’ll just have to be more careful, I guess.” In hundreds of fires, his was one of the few reported as an accident.

The final suspect is the cabal moving the cattle in the first place. A well-coordinated climate is important when seeking new pastures. As more YellowVest protest images get published it seems impossible to ignore the amount of propaganda injected. One one hand, the cabal wants unrest. On the other, they want the YellowVest to appear savage and violent to keep the people inside. Their goal is a complacent sense of dread. They want people desperate but still hopeful. Hope was the last evil left in Pandora’s box when she closed it. People are always confused about why someone would call hope evil. Hope is a special kind of trust that comes blended with desperation.

Our world is full of cowards who get angry when you show them the truth. Cowardice is a trance induced by a prolonged ritual of manners. We challenge who we respect. We push who we think can take it. To see better in someone is the same as calling them out for slouching. I see better in people. I see better in our discernment. Men don’t want to be liked as much as heard. So put your ear to the track and see if you hear what I do. There were three fires burned in three churches three days before the Passover. New York, Paris, and a mosque in Jerusalem burned under a waxing pink moon that crested early Good Friday morning. Men with giant spoons stir the world. We sit content in our warm pot smelling each other as they cook us alive. There’s a hole in the roof of a Cathedral that’s been closed for centuries. The spirit of Isis and the waxing moon touch ground again for the very first time during Holy Week. The house of Isis is open now and the light from the crescent has come home. The third temple of Jerusalem was opened this year with the burning of incense and the blood of an innocent lamb. The hundred-year plan at Balfour is taking its seat on the stage.

They decided to remove the head of each Saint before they were raptured to heaven by helicopter. Note in the photo where the arms on one saint are higher than the head. The staff is higher than the shoulders on another. This wasn’t about clearance. These statues were decapitated with a blowtorch or plasma cutter and airlifted on video days before the fire in broad daylight. None of them were covered like a mover might wrap your own statue from your home. They were headless and on display for a reason. This question is missing from the agenda. The New York Times describes the world’s most important church with the world’s most advanced fire suppression system an old dusty barn that was built to burn. This directly contradicts French Former Chief Architect Benjamin Mounton who oversaw extensive electrical and fire suppression upgrades in 2010 saying, “You have two men who are there 24/7 to go up and check any warning.” There are many more questions missing on purpose. We must learn to see through the cracks to find the truth.

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