Patron Campfire #3

Patreon campfire session #3. Chat log: 20:04:28 From Dixie Bowden : Hi James. ☺
20:04:42 From Dixie Bowden : Making dinner and listening in. 20:04:45 From Dixie Bowden : ?
20:36:46 From carolyn gutman dey : its won't let my computer audio work…. might have to leave, just saying… wants me to download a new browser?? argh 21:34:29 From James York : atomic bombs real?
21:34:40 From Maor (Shpitz-Bear) : of course not
21:34:54 From Maor (Shpitz-Bear) : if you really look into It, it's all a bunch of nonsense
21:36:25 From James York : Yeah that's what I've been saying just seeing what you guys thought
22:04:03 From Tyler Madden : Thanks for hosting James! I am bummed I was so late tonight, but I appreciate all of the gravy and the nutrients That was a profound dive.
22:05:53 From Tyler Madden : Appreciate you brother. So grateful to be here with you (all).
22:05:58 From AG : We appreciate you!
22:06:15 From James York : Thank you too my money well spent
22:06:48 From Tyler Madden : Night everybody! Looking forward to seeing y'all again. Donate:
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