Prometheus and Lucifer


Evil isn’t a real word. It’s a placeholder we assign to something we don’t want to investigate. Evil is the cervix for compassion. As evil is done in the name of good, so too is good done in the name of evil. As the road to hell is paved by good intentions, so too is the road to heaven paved with bad ones. 
PROMETHEUS: “You’re always flaunting evil.”
LUCIFER: “I want you to know what evil is.”
PROMETHEUS: “You manipulated me.”
LUCIFER: “I asked for your consent and you gave it.”
PROMETHEUS: “You’re laughing at me.”
LUCIFER: “The ridicule makes you stand up.”
PROMETHEUS: “You could be gentle.”
LUCIFER: “I tried that. You ignored me.”
PROMETHEUS: “You’re the devil.”
LUCIFER: “I’m the morning star.”
PROMETHEUS: “You want me to worship evil.”
LUCIFER: “No. I want you to grow compassion.”

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