Proof that Epstein Island is fake.

You know what the moon and Epstein Island have in common? You'll never go there. So what if Epstein Island was just a set? If you were a billionaire, why have a temple with faux stonework and pretend three-dimensional paint you could only appreciate from afar? Look. Walls are 100% flat. The Island is a movie set. The building is shaped like one of those telecom buildings you see built for efficiency. It's been turned into a reality show set. Even the fake dome fell off in a hurricane. Plus, no pool? No shade trellises? No furniture? Even the owls were cheesy. This kind of distraction is exactly what the federal government would do to keep you invested. Especially if knew Babylon was falling. P.S. Babylon is falling. Why Bannon is QAnon: Join my Patreon:

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