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I had the pleasure of being invited with Randy Maugans from OffPlanet Media for a live stream. We jumped right into the topic of mind control. I point out another blueprint of mind control when Randy shared his story about the draft when he was eighteen. He was pressured and shamed after he spoke out against the draft. The cultural psyop was trying to paint him as a coward for questioning America’s motives. The pro-war propaganda was propping up anyone who would go as a hero. But look again. Why were they considered a hero? Wasn’t it Randy who was challenging the system at seventeen? A real hero will never look like a Perseus. Perseus was praised with golden shoes, a shield, and helmet before he delivered the head of Medusa in a bag. They gave him payment before he went to obligate him to the task. Perseus was told not to return until he had the head of Medusa. Perseus was a patsy, not a hero.

The system fights a real hero. It tries to destroy his name and prevent any success. The psychology of Trump is our most effective weapon. Trump looks straight into the sun and tells it who’s boss. We can do the same with our government. Our only way out is decentralization. The antithesis of globalism is decentralization. The chain of command is what got us here and liberation is the breaking of chains. Republicans don’t love Trump by turning him into a savior. Trump fans show him disrespect by believing he is a panacea. That’s what the Democrats did to Barack Obama. We are divided by a history of trauma explosions. Every side is looking for a savior. After we understand there is no political savior but ourselves we will stop judging each other’s conviction by their fanaticism. This makes us Minute Men instead of soldiers.

Shills promote someone or something for personal gain. They don’t hold a belief under their uniform. They have leased their compliance to the system as sharecroppers for their own morality. We are all shills for the system we pay for and work under. Anyone who likes the current system in Washington DC is a globalist.

There are no shills if nobody buys into the system.

The Quakers meet in a circle. They have no central pulpit. Quakers are the embodiment of decentralization. The chain of command is satanic. It requires your morality to be managed off-shore. When we enlist in the system it pulls our guts out and uses them like puppet strings to bend our knees. We must swallow our own guts and let the taste remind us we can’t afford to let this happen. Randy has gifted my Patrons access to the second half of our interview!

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