Secretions of the Spider


Fashion is the pinnacle of mind control. War comes down to a lethal wardrobe decision. If we fought for self-preservation, no soldier would breach their own border. If we fought for ideology, we would quiz each other across the trenches before shooting. In war, it is exclusively the fashion choice of the enemy that makes a soldier pull the trigger. Fashion can commit homicide. It is the ultimate mind control. Orange jumpsuits on the side of the road avoid our pity. Metallic stars on someone’s chest avoid our scrutiny. Fashion is the fabric of propaganda. Fashion is human possession in a costume. In it, man transcends his identity and loses the weight of his ethics. It grants him the right to call war hell instead of murder. Costumes make us amoral in politics, medicine, and justice. We are a society of blue and white collars arguing over red and blue neckties under the authority of white and black robes. We wrap our necks and nipples in silk and slide platforms under our heals to harness the power of the costume. We draw power from monograms and sigils. They make us feel less hairy and more exotic. Fashion is the secretion of style and style is a secretion of belief.

Louise Bourgeois was more than a trendsetter. Heralded a champion for establishing a home for wayward girls, her sculpture work captured the beauty of female suffering. Born on Christmas day in 1911, she grew into an artist whose work focused on scenes of confinement, mutilations, and torture. She expressed the truth as its eyewitness. She had an appetite for horror and the elite fed it. Debuting in 2001 over Rockefeller Plaza, her giant spider Maman was one of the largest ever erected. Bourgeois was the Queen of Spiders and darling of the art world. Community grants across the country consented to bring her deep, black menacing creatures to their hometown to overpower the landscape. This was a flaunting of elite power from the art world. We are so deep in the trance of safety we would never dare to see the truth of it. Human slavery runs the world but the hairy belly of this spider is too big for us to face. We are the lightning bug blinking inside a silk cocoon. 

Trends are measured by their ability to captivate. Like a spider’s web, trends are dangling silk from the artist’s charisma. Trends glimmer in the light and gobble in the dark. They capture our identity and wrap their sticky legs around our wings. We become a slave to style. But the sticky silk is too tempting to admit we could stop. Style drains self-worth with the venom of heroin. We are mesmerized in the comfort of charged prana. We are enriched by what we know makes us a slave. 

You can buy a high-quality newborn on the black market today for $24,000 dollars. Most of the babies bought are used for ritual sacrifice. The ones who don’t die suffer something blacker than death. How does someone become a John or Tony Podesta? How can two brothers gain so much influence while being addicted to human flesh? Cannibalism is an anti-baptism. Instead of being reborn, one commits a living suicide. This first supper is the final evacuation of boundaries and morality. In Tony’s home, a decapitated figure has been dipped in gold. The figure holds the same pose in photos released from the murderer and cannibal, Jeffrey Dahmer. Bourgeois designed this sculpture and several more like it.

Bourgeois said, “A kind of resentment grows and one day my brother and I decided, ‘the time has come!’ We grabbed him, laid him on the table and with our knives dissected him. We took him apart and dismembered him, we cut off his penis. And he became food. We ate him up.”

Rachel was an orphan and later a runaway. This made it easy to make her disappear from the girls’ program. Rachel’s only memories were orphanages. She entered the widow’s cage at age eleven. She was the perfect recruit for the program. Bourgeois had been hatching her own spiders for decades. Rachel would be graduating from her program with a degree in recruiting. Outside her cage was a long table with chairs. In the cage next to her was a butchering chair. Rachel watched what they did to people in the chair. Then she watched them eat their work at the table. They pulled out the victim’s entrails and stretch them across the room while he was still conscious. They hung him from hooks while he swang from the weight of his dying breaths. The first few days Rachel was certain she was next. Then she begged for it to happen. But day after day, they ignored her. She was completely invisible. Rachel would grow to enjoy watching them work. It was the only attention she received. It wasn’t enough to keep her. Tuning a slave is the art of secretions. Louise was recalibrating Rachel’s appetite. 

Our schoolbooks insist America ended slavery during the Civil War. But real slavery has nothing to do with chains. Slavery is mind control. Slavery is trauma programming. People picture slavery as someone forced against their will. This pretends identity is permanent instead of malleable. Slavery is the replacement of identity with another. A slave is predictable. Their labor is harnassed without the need for whips or chains. Once you control someone’s wiring, you can trust them with billions. You can trust them to run a country. James Alefantis, Anderson Cooper and Bill Clinton are only a few human slaves. They were bred to serve a purpose. They are steerable ships despite their own wealth and status.

Epstein woke up alone with an erection again. Someone was buzzing at the gate. He walked to the kitchen with his boner leading the way and checked the camera. He was disappointed by the three girls at the gate. He expected four or five of them. It wasn’t about the money; Epstein had billions. He needed fresh meat. Epstein was a serial defiler. Once he tainted the water his own disgust would turn him away. He was a perfectly broken motor and a world-class cannibal pimp. He pulled $1200 out of his safe and separated it into three piles. $200 for each girl and $800 for their finder’s fee. He would pose each of the girls in the room with the white rug and masturbated as they watched him silently. He enjoyed the exchange of energy as the new girls tried to maintain some dignity through their eyes. He made them watch. Dignity is virginity that Epstein loves to bleed.

How does a Math teacher with no college go to managing Rockefeller’s money portfolio, a seat on CFR, and the Trilateral Commission? The man who put Jeffery Epstein in power was Robert Maxwell, a Mossad agent. Publisher and member of UK Parliament, Maxwell “drowned” in 1991 before it came out of his pension group was missing millions. Maxwell was behind Mirror Group Newspapers (Think Mirror). Epstein’s mentor was Steven Hoffenberg. Like Maxwell, Hoffenberg made hundreds of millions from investment fraud. The man who made Epstein and the man who taught Epstein both owned big media. The power to expose is the power to extract. Someone invested a billion dollars into Epstein. They knew he was a good motor. He was recruiting underage sex workers and using them to service world leaders like Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew. Despite his billions, Epstein was one of many low-level spiders.

Do you get it yet? Do you understand human slavery goes all the way to the top? Don’t even try and swallow this pill. It won’t go down. It’s too much for one person to digest. Just take a nibble and understand this will never be accepted by the mainstream. Like the land of the Aztec, we live in a culture of human sacrifice. The Clinton body count is a huge list but the list only includes deaths on domestic soil. Despite this, 56 million people were certain she was their gal. This is nationwide, century-old Stockholm syndrome. We still think it’s normal to have two parties. Denial puts us in the widow’s cage. We’ll cheer for anyone who comes close to giving us attention.

The elite are mangled genetically. Most have been bred centuries ago to be brutal through practices of cannibalism and torture. Most elites leave their own families by age four. Boarding school is professional disassociation. The answer to what makes so many people loyal to depravity is trauma. Trauma is an epigenetic pyramid scheme. “Where is the injury if an adult has sex with a child and (the child) enjoys it?” the NXIVM leader wrote. “What is the difference between the child being tickled and being stimulated.” This is how relativism works. In the land of lies, children are sex toys. The NXIVM scandal goes all the way up. Raniere knew what made desperate people tick. The ranchers running the farm know this trick, too.

What is the blueprint of mind control? 

  1. Break target.
  2. Provide an exterior solution.
  3. Trade solution to target for services.

Mind control supersedes intelligence. Mind control is the secretion of dopamine. Satanic ritual abuse merges the feeling of “I miss you” with “You hurt me.” These two feelings were combined in the same chemical feed for so long they completed each other. As Pavlov explained, the chemicals prompt each other by their anticipation. This is why survivors don’t heal so much as grow. Trauma is the art of bonsai. It’s the same on any livestock farm. Human slavery is a product with a market. This market holds a monopoly on the world through infiltration. Look around you and your neighborhood. You are sure to find mind control in every home. It shouldn’t be hard to imagine a centuries-old mega-corporation has learned to capitalize on it. Trauma programming is a recipe. All it takes is an act of depravity to evacuate one’s line in the sand. Everything becomes a case of relativity after that.

We are tuned from our youth to develop a certain chemical palate. Mind control has nothing to do with thoughts and everything to do with appetite. All Rachel has to do is ask to join the meal at the table. She would be free to help the widow catch more flies. Evil is the art of evacuation. The soul is slowly secreted from abandonment. We do a disservice to pretend this is a living creature. Evil is a lifeless ever-emptying hole. There’s nothing alive about it.

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