The Definition of Satanism


Evil is a moat flowing with bile. The bile’s not black it’s brown. Nor is it warm, it’s cold. Evil is congealed. It’s full of crusty teeth and the tangled hair of children. Evil’s drawbridge is lined with spent teddy bears left in the rain on the side of a road. Evil is not a reveling red demon. Evil is not a hot sauce. Evil is the opposite of passion. Evil is the cobweb we keep in the corner. Evil’s defensive moat is our false perception of how it looks. Evil is not a burning fire. When we say the word Satanism we picture a red man between the head and feet of a goat. But goats are God’s creatures. And man is God’s vessel. And red is the color of living blood. None of these are evil. Evil is an ignorant machine that gobbles tears. It’s an abandoned wood chipper running in the playground. It’s apathy measured by the degree. Evil is a chain of command.

It starts with mutilation.
The shame makes you itchy.
Injustice makes you agitated.
The drugs make you spin.
The music sets a rhythm.
The actors take your hand.
The self leaves the body.
The machine takes the wheel.
But it won’t.
Not when you love you.

Let’s define Satanism simply. It is the eviction of the person. It is the hollowing out of one’s spiritual core. Under this definition, Satanism includes psychopathy, sociopathy, and narcissism. It’s the soul that’s checked out on the train. Under this definition, we can see the satanic machine around us. Evil is no Brigadoon. It’s brick and mortar with roman numerals carved above the door. The Pentagon is satanic. DC is satanic. Hollywood is satanic. Courts are satanic. Corporations are satanic. Walking corpses rule our world. Satanism is sanctioned choreography. There’s nothing conscious about satanism. It’s the antithesis of consciousness.

Joe Rogan’s show FearFactor was a televised welcome to the machine. He traded contestant’s dignity for financial reward. Joe injected satanism as a tool for liberation. He called the body’s repulsions a handicap. Joe kissed the taint of someone’s ass on a pleather casting couch to get there. The more recruits to join him, the less shuddering he will feel in his bones. Satanism is the lack of regret. Satanism is a pyramid scheme of self-effacement. Satanism tells everyone to, “just do it.” Satanism evacuates the spirit’s desire to live in a body. Evil pries the self out of its meaty can with the fame of television, the power of money, and the illusion of victory. The corpses watching at home laugh with Joe because they are less alone now. Satanism is the unhungry hyena gorging on a babies’ throat. Evil is the evacuation of Holy. It’s thoughtless piss watering an altar. It’s white virginity pressed in the mud by a dirty boot. Satanism is not the devil. It’s apathy running amok with diplomatic immunity. Satanism is the ease with which we turn our backs to God.

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