The First Campfire


The first Cross was made when two sticks were rubbed together vigorously. The friction of the horizontal and the vertical unzipped a world of pure light. Fire is a giver of warmth and light. A flame is life with no skin. Help me pierce that dimension and inject a human song. Let’s open a wormhole with our voice boxes. Let’s make a call to the ancestors using our hearts and bones.

On August 31st, 2019, my home town is having its annual Big Kite Festival. I am inviting you to come up to Beech Mountain, North Carolina and enjoy the day’s activities and listen to a campfire talk. I have booked my first speaking gig and I want an audience to help me forge my presentation on sovereignty and mind control. If you’ve read my book, you probably already understand what to expect. I am hoping I can effectively deliver a message through the medium of storytelling. This is a free event. More like a meet-up of free-minded people. My talk will probably range from 40-90 minutes and I am hoping people surprise me with their own voice box.

Beech Mountain is beautiful. It’s very cool in the summers. I want to see how many people are interested in coming and what our needs might be. We have a recreation facility with a kitchen and a ballfield. There are also several locally owned hotels that have some meeting space if we want to be inside. I’d prefer we find a spot for a maiden campfire. I have a few spots close by I think would be perfect. I have never done this before. I will be recording so I can work on my form. No one has to be on camera. Just wanted you to know I need the audio.

Beech Mountain is home to the ski resort which now offers chairlift rides and mountain biking in the summer. The Kite Festival is also amazing and well worth the trip. August 31st is a Saturday and the beginning of a new moon. I will update this article as things develop and if anyone is interested. If sixteen people came I would consider it a huge success! If less than seven, I may cancel because we need fire tenders and ears and hearts to stir the pots and sparks. I’ll be asking some of you to help me gather wood. I expect this to be a free event. The town may charge a small fee for a permit. If more than sixteen are interested, I have another spot with tipis in mind. Refresh this page for the latest updates. If interested, let me know what you think in the comments, via email (, on the Twitter thread, or on Patreon.

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