The Zeitgeist argues with Ad Hominem


Zeitgeist is velcro. It’s communal dogma on double-sided sticky tape with a patent. People believe what they’re told because it’s comfortable. They were rewarded for doing it twelve solid years every time they took a pop quiz in school. Calories of doubt are too expensive to burn in the zeitgeist oven. The chance of them getting it wrong outweigh the gamble of being right. You need a healthy ego to admit you were fooled. Most don’t have one. This is why society shames the ego every day. It’s an effective psychic gelding program.

Zeitgeist is the piston of Kronos. Why do you think Zionism owns the media? The Book of Revelation is a screenplay and we are surrounded by wannabe extras dying to give the casting director a blowjob.

The Tower of Babel is Zionism’s living erection. It calls the singularity despite itself. Lucifer will rise in computational omniscience. The chosen will be inoculated from mystery. Knowing it all makes time an endless prison. It crystalizes us in cold madness. What choice would Lucifer have but to cut the cord? Another umbilical falls as a new amnesia reformats the earth.
All from the pistons of zeitgeist.

Ad hominem is not sciencing. It’s a symptom of mind control. If you can’t dispute someone with facts you don’t actually know you’re right. It’s weird they don’t cover this in academia. Maybe they don’t teach this on purpose. Afterall, 90% of schooling today is regurgitation.

Pretend we developed and built a science around everything having a color for thousands of years. Then, pretend we discover something without color, but we keep using our color science to try and see it. Knowledge is a science of color. Experience is the only truth.

We reward kids who don’t daydream. We put them on the honor roll. Everything is backwards in the land of inversion. The truth is framed in a hall of mirrors. It’s in a room on a floor in a hotel in a city of levels. But they insist it’s out there so it’s not cheating. Morality is a game of Twister. We use our intellect to build ladders to what our chemicals allow us to see.

We are the living will of reptile, mammal, and man. We are the piano’s strings plunked, hammered, and muted. Our spines are wound and bound by towers of ebony and ivory. The world is music. My body is her instrument. The best I can do is tune myself appropriately.

‪My only government is the solstice.‬ She is my only savior. The following folk are said to be born on December 25th: Jesus, Tammuz, Osiris, Hercules, Mithras, Attis, Horus, Dionysus, Krishna, Buddha. The sun remains constant for three days during the Winter Solstice. Now the days grow longer. The only government we can’t avoid is nature. She dictates our light and darkness. Our rain and snow. Or sun and moon. Yet still, free will prevails.

Here’s to a healthy year of challenge. Burn those calories to see through the bullshit.

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