Weaponized Humanity


They’ve told you. Their hands are clean. We can kill each other while they watch.

Richie from Boston told me to wake up yesterday so I did.  Benjamin Balderson and I spent the afternoon decoding what kind of fourth-generation EMF weapon could be used on a massive scale against an entire population. We kept guessing wrong over-and-over as we considered their technology. But as the sun came up this morning we had the answer. The quarantine is the weapon. This weapon has already been deployed. We have a pyramid economy and the CEOs were the keystones. As Pharoah, Trump pulled them all. They have made it impossible for the people to assemble. The cops will stop any town meeting. This is a perfect plan with a perfect fall. Like Mithras slaying the bull in Rome. Trump has sacrificed the economy to be reborn. This has been planned for a long time. This ritual is the rising of the Phoenix.

The pathogen is our misplaced trust. The virus is the denial of predators in government. Humanity is covid19. The government has declared war on humanity. Trump will never have to fire a single bullet. He will rest easy knowing he ordered 1.8 million face masks. The only way to fight this contagion is to be more human. The only way to save civilization is to get back to work. Everyone who’s plugged into the matrix will be there to stop you. The enemy is the zeitgeist in ourselves. This will happen because we allow it to.

Proof in the field:

  1. Trump has prepped hospitals with empty tents for bodies.
  2. Trump has shut down every restaurant, business, and town hall.
  3. Trump has shut down the Mexican and Canadian border.
  4. Trump has shut down every state and county line.
  5. Covid-19 is a natural part of your cells communication system.
  6. Humanity is not the virus.

We will kill each other while they watch. This is why celebrities have come out. They want you to believe in the virus. They want you to socially isolate until it’s too late. When this is over, the only ones standing will be psychopaths. While we starve and kill each other the new towers will go up. This is the only chance we have to stop it. Humans must assemble right away.

This is the blackest magick spell I have ever seen. It rides the coattails of the spell on 9/11. I am one of nineteen. More of us are coming. We can talk to each other through campfires. Your heart is surrounded by neurons. Neurons are the transmitters of empathy. There is a human internet waiting for you to log on. We can fight magick with magic.

Stickers are magic on top of magick.

We have to assemble and talk about this. Society and the zeitgeist will be fighting against you the whole time. This will be the hardest thing you have ever done. So much energy is waiting for you on the other side. But you have to be brave. No one will like you for doing this. That’s your sacrifice for the magic to work.

The only virus is people believing the same things, listening to the same frequencies and having the same ideas. This is a spell of energy, frequency, and vibration. Nothing makes humans more vulnerable than uniformity. Nothing. They have weaponized your conformity and will use it to take the country down. Let them. Find the land underneath. The land put you here for a reason. Do not let her down.

They have tried to weaponize humanity. Let them. Become a weapon of the land.

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