AMERICA? Censorship & Government Misinformation Steering Legislation


In just one week, a portion of the entire American landscape has shifted. In the past, true debate surrounding vaccination has been regularly omitted by much of media and government. Over time and in lockstep with a growing vaccine schedule, the voices entering the conversation with valid questions, criticisms, similar experiences of harm and inconvenient facts that ran counter to media and government talking points surged.

The discriminatory term “anti-vaxer” was created and freely wielded by media to render an entire cross-section of the population invisible along with their concerns and information. The term has, and still does, allow a socially acceptable green light for some of humanity’s worst attributes to flourish. Segregation, discrimination, censorship, and dehumanization are all regular occurrences by mainstream media outlets and government officials under the cover of this label. 

A new term entered the prejudiced fray in an attempt to further steer the narrative away from open debate and block the public consciousness from deeper understandings. Using the placeholder term “misinformation” to invalidate an entire side of legitimate facts and data, the blanket word is now being used to rob Americans of their fundamental right of free speech and open debate.

Rep. Adam Schiff has successfully lobbied Amazon, Facebook and YouTube to demote, demonetize, remove and censor vaccine “misinformation.” Ironically, Schiff’s letter calling for censorship contained the exact “misinformation” he was asking Facebook to censor. For example, Schiff states that, “There is not evidence to suggest that vaccines cause life-threatening or disabling diseases.” Schiff was quickly blasted by Congressman Bill Posey in a letter to Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg. Posey’s letter laid out the many U.S. government admissions of vaccine harm and payouts for vaccine injuries and deaths.

Posey asked Zuckerberg, “If Facebook should decide to begin judging the medical accuracy of a statement posted by the public and by organizations, what will be the standards utilized?” Posey cited Schiff’s vaccine “misinformation” and asked if Facebook would ban his letter from being posted due to its “misinformation.” Posey also asked if Facebook accepts paid advertising from Big Pharma, associations that promote vaccines, recipients of grants from government agencies or Big Pharma, and government organizations promoting vaccines such as the CDC.

Facebook has so far ignored Posey’s letter while simultaneously implementing full censorship of an entire side (that runs counter to the limited Big Pharma talking points) of the vaccine discussion.
To the astonishment of many, the push to censor vaccine “misinformation” was fully championed by major media, U.S. government officials and now implemented by Big Tech giants without ever having to define what “misinformation” looked like, consisted of, or the attributes that defined it.

Facebook’s March 7 press release describes its entire vaccine censorship strategy to combat “misinformation” without ever explaining or defining the term. Yet Facebook’s Big Brother medical information curating abilities must be questioned from the onset since they failed to spot Schiff’s blatantly false information in his letter to the company.

At the exact time a full, unapologetic debate surrounding vaccinations should be taking place, government representatives have successfully lobbied Big Tech giants to censor it. When social media platforms which represent the modern town square activating authoritarian censorship, they interfere in the free and open American political process. There are currently 141 active vaccine bills jockeying for position across America. Big Tech’s censorship is now a major barrier stopping citizens from sharing and discerning information, activating locally and regionally, and openly debating the legislation.

Journalist and technologist Tim Pool recently debated the heads of Twitter on The Joe Rogan Experience show. Pool exposed Twitter’s political bias and one-sided censorship agenda. Pool wrote,
Twitter rules do not conform with American legal standards for public discourse. Some Americans lose access to a massively powerful platform used to influence elections. Law abiding Americans are then at a substantial disadvantage in influencing their own elections because a massive multi national billion dollar corporation with foreign investors sets rules based on their ideology.”

Pool’s points can be extrapolated to the current censorship of open debate which surrounds vaccine information. Americans are now facing over censorship and government-mandated medicine, two highly unAmerican agendas attempting to root while many U.S. government representatives appear asleep at the wheel.     

From a casual spectator’s view who is trying to understand vaccine “misinformation,” the lion’s share can be found from government mouthpieces. Rivaling Rep. Schiff’s Facebook falsehoods, Senator Lamar Alexander, Chairman of the HELP committee, presided over the recent Vaccine Save Lives hearing. Sen. Alexander has accepted $714,112 from the “pharmaceutical/health products” sector, which includes many vaccine manufacturers, according to The hearing’s title signaled to America that probing questions that may cast the vaccine industry and its products in an unfavorable light would most likely be omitted in favor of one-sided banter. In Sen. Alexander’s opening statements, he declared anyone who claims that vaccines are not safe were “internet fraudsters.” His opening statement went on:

Here’s what I would like parents…everywhere in the country [to know]. Vaccines are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. They meet the Food and Drug Administration’s gold standard of safety.

It appears that Senator Alexander was either unaware or purposely concealing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) recent legal admissions in which they conceded that “Clinical studies for TdaP and inactivated influenza vaccines did not specifically enroll pregnant women.” The FDA legal response went on to admit they “have no records responsive to your [plaintiff’s] request.” In short, the agency licensed the shots for use in pregnant women without the required scientific and clinical studies to ensure safety. The phrases “gold standard” and “vaccine safety testing” should not be appearing in the same sentence.

According to the data and admissions by the FDA and U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS), Sen. Alexander’s “gold standard of safety” is misinformation. Every pediatric vaccine that HHS promotes – except one – for routine injection into children involves clinical trials relied upon to assess safety prior to licensing that did not use a randomized, inert placebo-control group.

The mandatory moves and public rhetoric by government officials runs counter to what Sen Rand Paul called “The American story.” Sen Paul continued by stating in the HELP committee, “Nor is force consistent with the liberty our forefathers sought when they came to America.” Seeming to echo a growing number of American’s, Sen. Paul concluded on the topic of government-mandated vaccination by saying, “I still do not favor giving up on liberty for a false sense of security.

From Fauci’s ‘lie heard around the world‘ to Sen. Alexander’s ‘gold standard falsehood,’ what the recent vaccine hearings have signaled to the American people is that the insulting, catch-all buzzwords of “anti-vaxer” and “misinformation” are preferred over facing inherent shortcomings within government and Big Pharma’s products being mandated. Listening to parents of vaccine-injured children, doing proper long-term safety science, fixing a broken vaccine adverse event reporting system, and coming to terms with the current, unAmerican climate of federally-mandated medicine and government-sponsored suppression of open debate and the free exchange of ideas wasn’t a priority.

On the issue of censorship, President John F. Kennedy’s 1962 speech, ironically from the very same HELP committee now being used as a platform to call for censorship, extolled the bedrock of American principles stating:

We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.

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