The Dam Breaks: Merck Insider Spills Bad Science Secrets

I just assumed the work had been done...It’s not just safety studies. Efficacy studies…are weak in many cases.” Jorge Araujo, Former Merck Lead Supervisor, Vaccine Sterile Quality Operations Division 

A recent episode of “The HighWire with Del Bigtree,” featured an exclusive interview with a scientist who worked for seven years inside vaccine maker Merck’s research labs. 

The insider stated that he worked inside Merck’s global clinical supply operations. He was introduced to Bigtree by former San Antonio, TX, District Attorney Nico LaHood, who has an 8-year old autistic son. 

This man was a neighbor and friend of Nico’s, who tried to warn Nico about the lack of vaccine safety studies,” Bigtree explains. 

Jorge Araujo had begun investigating Merck’s vaccine safety data during his own wife’s first pregnancy, and what he learned was the deciding factor in not vaccinating his four children.

Out of the gates, Araujo states, “My belief is vaccine safety science is flawed and incomplete.
Araujo spoke of an overall philosophical assumption that Big Pharma is benevolent when it comes to their vaccine products. 

The industry does not have to engage. If you are protected from criticism and if you’re largely protected from litigation, why do you need to engage? Why do you need to take questions seriously.” 

Bigtree believes that this recent insider will be the first of many Big Pharma employees voicing safety issues within the industry. 

What we are seeing is the corruption inside big pharma becoming too vast. Too many people inside the industry are waking up to their unwitting participation in crimes against children and humanity,” Bigtree says. “Good people will not stay silent.” 

Insiders and whistleblowers from the pharmaceutical industry are rare. Beyond that, the normal legal avenues stemming from product injuries were shut down in-part by the 1986 Act stopping any information through legal discovery seeing the light of day. 

So while the public is being treated to constant revelations, billion-dollar judgements, and damning internal documents regularly from unscrupulous players within the opioid, agrochemical, and healthcare product industries, the vaccine makers have been insulated. A legal blackout coupled with media obedience eager to amplify their limited marketing slogans in place of real investigation has given unjust cover to an industry who has continually proven, through illegal and unethical practices, they don’t deserve it. 

Who will be the next insider to step forward to echo and confirm concerns of parents who the corporate media discriminately labels ‘anti-vaxxers’?


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