Outside Ballot Box Stuffing Caught on Video in Fulton, Georgia

On How To Be Tom Shillue: Discussing More Guns, Less Crime

https://www.youtube.com/live/0UZya15307k?si=ypk-UxZ8wLfIBFQc Dr. John Lott talked to Tom Shillue about a wide range of topics including the collapse in law enforcement, mass public shootings in the United States, the dangers of gun-free zones, how often civilians…

On 700 WLW’s The Bill Cunningham Show: To Discuss Democrats’ Claims of Racism and Nashville School Shooter’s Diary Revealed

Dr. John Lott appeared on 700 WLW’s The Bill Cunningham Show to discuss his new op-ed at Townhall titled “Biden’s Desperate Attempt to Paint Trump As a Racist.” They also talked about the newly released “nearly four dozen pages” of the Nashville Covenant School…

Pew Research Center Survey Illustrates the Huge Difference in Republican and Democrat Views on Crime

The Pew Research Center has an interesting survey on crime (April 8-14, 2024). On whether gun ownership by law-abiding citizens “increases safety,” while 86% of Republicans think that is true, only 23% of Democrats agree. On whether the criminal justice system is…

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