Stopping Newsom’s “Cattle Call”


Now that Judge Heckman’s ruling against Gavin Newsom is final, we are reviewing all previous Executive Orders to determine which are legally suspect. I’ll provide an update later this week.

In the meantime, I’ve just submitted a Legal Opinion Request to the Attorney General challenging Newsom’s authority on another matter: the appointment of a U.S. Senator.

Newsom is reveling in what he describes as the “cattle call” of installing a political ally in the Senate. But if Kamala Harris does vacate her seat, the Constitution says it’s for California voters to decide who completes her term. Even after being restrained by the courts for exceeding his authority, Newsom is once again trying to claim for himself power that resides with the people.

You can read my full challenge to Newsom’s authority here.

You see, Newsom thinks he has it all figured out. He wants his autocracy buffeted by an aristocracy. First, make Kamala Harris Vice President. Then, install his own political flunky as the new Senator – ideally a current state officeholder, like our farcically partisan Secretary of State, Alex Padilla, so he can then install another ally in his place. As a bonus, maybe even choose a successor for Dianne Feinstein if she resigns mid-term, as some have speculated.

Alternatively, it’s possible Newsom would try to grab the Senate seat himself, especially given that his own supporters are starting to call him a one-term Governor. The Sacramento Bee, a paper that endorsed him, just denounced his “stunning hypocrisy” for feting a lobbyist at the $350/plate French Laundry restaurant in violation of his own emergency orders.

The Bee wrote that “nothing will launder the stain of stupidity from his reputation after this ill-conceived outing.” The Editorial went on:

Two years into his first term, and nine months into the COVID-19 pandemic, Newsom still can’t get his act together. If Newsom can’t get his head into the game, perhaps he should make this governor thing a one-term affair and leave the job open for someone with a desire to lead.”

The last thing California needs is for Newsom’s one-man rule to yield a hand-picked Senator who could serve for decades – especially if turns out to be Newsom himself. If necessary, I’m prepared to take further legal action to stop him.

As a final note, I’ve just learned from the California State Librarian that I’ve received the most votes in California history for a GOP candidate in a contested Assembly race. Thank you so much for making this historic victory possible.

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