Whistleblower Film Revealing Shadow Government Released to Public Just After Producer is Arrested

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Millie Weaver, known online as “Millennial Millie,” was mysteriously arrested, along with her husband, on a reported grand jury indictment and held in jail over the weekend, just before she was scheduled to release her new film, ShadowGate.

The film was released anyway, with many copies being widely distributed throughout the Internet, as it has gone viral this weekend and has already been viewed by millions of people.

The film is based on the testimony of two high-tech whistleblowers, who claim they worked for private contractors that worked together with intelligence agencies and politicians to develop highly sophisticated software systems and artificial intelligence (AI) to affect elections both abroad in places like Afghanistan, as well as in the U.S. during the Trump campaign and Presidency to discredit him.

The whistleblowers are known as Tore, and Patrick Bergy, and they are interviewed extensively throughout the film.

Tore has her own YouTube Channel, and she is the one who released the film to the public after Millie was arrested on Friday.

Tore claims that she was recruited out of the Navy by John Brennan, who was the director of the CIA at the time.

Patrick Bergy says that he worked for the Dynology Coporation which is owned by President Obama’s head of national security, General James Jones.

He claims that they developed the “ShadowNet” for psychological warfare, using social media and the corporate media.

While they are careful to explain that these kinds of covert operations happen in both political camps, this is definitely a Pro-Trump documentary looking at “the coup” behind trying to take President Trump out of office.

But it doesn’t really matter what side of the political spectrum you happen to be on, as this is definitely useful information for the public to have. I have watched the entire film, and certain portions of it several times, as there is much to learn here.

The premise of the film is that while politicians are part of “the swamp,” the actual shadow government is a small group of private government contractors that work with defense and intelligence agencies.

The people working for these private contractors, according to Millie, are the ones really running the government today, which she refers to as “The Industrial Military Complex.”

They have the ability now to perform massive surveillance programs on virtually every American. And with AI, they have the power for the first time in history to actually process that data. They can allegedly determine whether or not you get a job, they can pre-determine who gets on a jury for a trial and affect the outcome of that trial, engage in psychological warfare to destroy people, or their reputations, etc.

I am sure that most of this film was shot and produced pre-COVID, but at the end of the film they do briefly mention some of the applications to COVID.

The next iteration of the ShadowNet and ClearForce is ready to go. Integration with AI, robots, and the replacement of traditional law enforcement is just around the corner.

Given that leftist organizations managed by Momentum is behind the defund the police movement, and given that Momentum is connected to IIA operations, the case can be made that Jones and Co. are running the defund the police influence operation simply because they are in a position to benefit by offering an alternative solution that is already in line with the Green New Deal agenda.

We’ve already seen some of this rolled out with the Technocratic response to COVID-19, with autonomous drones, contact tracing apps, nano-tech vaccines, and predictive modeling for social distancing, and economic shut downs.

This political movement is deeply connected to the U.N. who is partnered with Interpol to coral us into the artificial intelligence and robotics for law enforcement direction.

Watch the entire film. It has been copied and distributed far too widely to disappear now, so it is unlikely Google will remove it from YouTube.

Luke 12:2-3

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