Fireside Chat Ep. 115 – When Character Is Secondary to the Job


If your house was on fire, would you be more concerned with the character of the firefighters or with their ability to save your house from that fire? It is the same with Presidents.

0:00 Firesides Are Here To Touch Your Life
0:48 Otto Control Is Limited
1:17 A Decent Person Can Support Trump
3:31 Character Is Secondary To The Job
6:20 JFK Was Very Unfaithful To His Wife
7:31 Don’t Judge Private Lives
9:15 Otto’s Dreaming
10:00 Character Of The NYT Editor
11:20 Are Presidents Models To Children?
12:26 Black Unemployment At Its Lowest
13:28 Where Does Dennis Get His Ideas?
16:21 Submit To God Vs. Struggle With God
19:45 Dealing With Child-Like Parents
23:19 Does Dennis Have Any Fears?
28:21 Advice To Young Females
31:10 Great To Be With You

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