Fireside Chat Ep. 116 — Anne Frank & Media Smears


The left-wing media is threatened by the reach and influence of PragerU. Since their reporters cannot demonstrate any evidence of lies or misinformation, they resort to smear tactics. The New York Times and Newsweek are the most recent examples. Newsweek’s was so outrageous, in fact, that they issued a retraction just yesterday (after the filming of this episode).

The New York Times Feature on PragerU:

Newsweek Article Mischaracterizing Dennis:

Dennis’s Column Responding to Newsweek:

0:00 Fireside Chat Every Week
0:33 PragerU On Front Page Of The NYT
1:55 The Left Is Noticing PragerU
3:08 PragerU Circumvents Brick & Mortars?
4:45 No Proof Of “Right-Wing Hate”
7:40 PragerU Doesn’t Lie
10:13 Newsweek’s Blatant Lie About Dennis
11:19 Did Dennis Ridicule Anne Frank?
14:53 Truth Is Not A Left-Wing Value
17:20 Newsweek Should Apologize
18:24 Homelessness Disconnect
21:41 Some Choose To Be Homeless
22:56 Dennis Used To Keep A Diary
26:07 Has Bernie’s Socialism Been Tried?
27:44 People Are Not Basically Good
29:15 The Founders Put “Checks” On Power
31:17 Dennis’s Funny Hungary Story

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