Fireside Chat Ep. 117 — What Have You Said in Private?


No one wants to be judged by the remarks they have made in private. Yet many people judge (if not obsess over) the private remarks of others. Let’s talk about this.

Mentioned in this episode:

Hillary Isn’t an Anti-Semite — The Wall Street Journal:

0:00 Snoopy Stole Otto’s Bed
1:13 What Is On Dennis’s Mind?
2:00 Trump’s Comments Made In Private
2:58 Don’t Judge Character By Private Talk
6:04 Don’t Focus On Actions In Private
8:22 Our Feminized Societies
10:43 Why Is There No Christophobia?
11:54 The Muslim Veil Dehumanizes
13:38 Raising The Federal Tobacco Age
15:03 Dennis Would Love A Private Jet
16:04 Rising Levels Of Gun Deaths
18:50 How Do You Skip The Small Talk?
20:16 Snoopy Has Had Enough
20:50 Greatest Gift Dennis Has Received
24:20 Does Dennis Play Instruments?
25:12 Otto Takes His Rightful Place
25:37 Dennis Taught Himself Conducting
26:13 Conservative Voices In Germany
28:50 Hope To Make A Better World

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