Fireside Chat Ep. 125 — Coronavirus: Panic or Pandemic?


You can’t expect to live a full life without assuming some risk. There’s a spectrum between precaution and panic, and if isn’t well-calibrated you can miss out on the best things life has to offer.

0:00 Where There’s A Camera, There’s Otto
1:00 Coronavirus Panic
2:40 Otto, What Do You Think?
3:09 Dennis’s Philosophy Of Life
4:57 Why Is There No Panic Over The Flu?
8:15 Don’t Miss Out On Life
10:07 Don’t Take Ridiculous Risks
11:04 Assess Risks, But Live Life Fully
15:39 Don’t Let The Media Spook You
16:54 Dennis’s Opinion On Penance
18:50 When A Lie Was Made About Dennis
21:09 Can Blacks Be Racist?
23:56 Dysfunctional Families In The Bible?
25:47 What Do Women Have To Control?
27:21 Celebrity Influence On Politics
30:36 March Is PragerU’s Fundraising Month

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