Fireside Chat Ep. 133 — Fear, Credibility, and the Threat of a Police State


Make no doubt about it: COVID-19 is a dress rehearsal for a police state. Dennis Prager is taking a bold stance on the coronavirus because he is dedicated to truth. He also addresses the left’s contempt for working people, the growing threat of a police state, and the danger of putting our health above our rights and freedoms.

Dennis’s columns mentioned:
The Worldwide Lockdown May Be the Greatest Mistake in History
Our Dress Rehearsal for a Police State

0:00 Dennis Received Otto Socks
1:34 Dennis’s Consistent Covid-19 Beliefs
3:49 Ruined Lives Of Low-Risk People
4:45 The Paralyzing Effect Of Fear
6:54 Hydroxychloroquine Saves
8:30 The Worldwide Lockdown Is A Mistake
9:57 The Left’s Contempt To End Lockdown
12:05 Dennis Hurting His Credibility?
13:37 Stand By Truth No Matter What
15:37 The Left Has Corrupted The Sciences
18:58 God Bless The Swedish Government
20:14 Experts Have Destroyed People’s Lives
21:51 Dress Rehearsal For A Police State
23:54 Science And Secondhand Smoke
24:50 Health Above Rights
26:07 “Publicly Owned” Is A Facade
27:10 Elites With Contempt Still Have Jobs
27:49 Why Is Everyone Quarantined?
29:20 No Longer The Land Of The Free
31:27 Do You Fight For Freedom?

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