Fireside Chat Ep. 134 — Which Will Do More Harm: The Virus or the Lockdown?


The LA Times reports that extreme poverty may be the pandemic’s heaviest toll. But it isn’t the virus causing this suffering—it’s the lockdown. Dennis also addresses the latest new media lie about him—these leftists are determined to discredit Dennis, but they are just too easily proven wrong every time they try.

Dennis’s column discussed:

0:00 Past Fireside Chats Are Always Relevant
1:24 Lockdown Causing Extreme Poverty
3:02 The Elderly In Isolation
4:17 LA Times’ Factually Incorrect Headline
6:50 When Is The Lockdown Not Okay?
8:56 Elderly Dying Vs. Young Dying
12:08 Government Controlling Businesses
13:43 Willing To Give Up Liberties So Easily
14:32 Are We “Mildly Inconvenienced”?
16:04 Lies Written About Dennis
18:04 The New Lie Written About Dennis
20:17 What Dennis Actually Said
21:39 We Must Fight Back
22:28 Government Encouraging Snitchers
24:57 Risking Your Life For A Haircut?
26:55 Big Tech Censorship On Coronavirus
29:39 How To Reason With The Other Side
30:53 Civilization Is At Stake

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