Fireside Chat Ep. 135 — Liberty Is a Value, Not an Instinct


Liberty and freedom are very rare in human history. The human instinct is not to yearn for liberty—humans yearn to be taken care of. Generally, by the government (socialism & communism).

America’s founders knew that limited government and liberty are key to a free society—but we are now witnessing that as Americans become more secular, they value liberty much less.
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The column about liberty: Some Thoughts About Being Safe

The column about our polarized political climate: America’s Second Civil War

0:00 Serenity Prayer For Times Like This
1:20 This Episode Is Sponsored By CCU
2:10 Fireside Chat For Over 2 Years
3:39 Dennis’s Live Q&A On Tuesdays
4:16 Dennis Mocked, Yet Again
6:15 Dennis Is Very Careful With His Words
7:05 Liberty Is A Value, Not An Instinct
9:08 The Liberty Bell’s Inscription
11:07 More Secular, Less Free
13:04 No Lockdown For Hong Kong Flu
15:24 Reliance On Government Over Time
18:20 Values Are Everything
19:20 Our Polarized Political Climate
21:17 The Left-Created Thanksgiving Division
23:08 Godparents To A Gay Couple’s Child
27:00 Dennis Is A Crazed Audiophile
29:49 For Goodness Sake

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