Fireside Chat Ep. 151 — Society Can’t Fix Your Problems


Character development was a primary focus in education until the 1960s. Now, children are taught to blame America or "society" for their problems. The great tragedy of this, of course, is that if you think society is to blame, why would you take any action to help yourself?

0:00 “Say Hi To Otto!”
1:14 A Guy’s Guy
2:20 A Religious Education’s Impact
4:08 An Interruption
4:45 What Should Be Your Biggest Struggle?
7:52 Battling Human Nature
12:14 Raise Your Kids On More Than Love
14:50 America Will Never Be Perfect
16:30 Discussing BLM Without “Being Divisive”
21:53 Dating As A Conservative
24:44 Why Dennis Can Spell Albuquerque
26:48 The Communist Utopia Experiment
30:06 Addressing “The Global Black Family”
32:28 Thanks For Watching

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