Fireside Chat Ep. 83 – The Importance of Nationalism, Wisdom, and Liberty


During this week’s Fireside Chat, Dennis focuses on your burning questions: What does Dennis think about online dating? Which is better: nationalism or patriotism? Is democracy dying? Is a civil war coming?

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0:00 Welcome To The Fireside Chat
1:20 No Topic This Week, All Questions
2:01 Does Dennis Like Online Dating?
7:55 Nationalism Vs. Patriotism
8:49 Everything Can Be Used For Evil
11:00 Nationalism Over Internationalism
12:58 Communism Was Not Nation-Based
15:27 Do Swedes Feel Swedish?
16:07 Protect Kids From Progressive Schools
17:20 Charlize Theron’s Trans 3-Year-Old
19:09 Is Democracy Dying?
21:03 Otto’s Snoring
21:30 Knowledge Vs. Wisdom
22:54 We Are In A Non-Violent Civil War
24:03 Liberty Is A Value, Not An Instinct
25:33 The Hardest Addiction To Overcome
27:22 Dennis On British Conservatives
29:38 Judge Your Actions, Not Thoughts
34:07 Thanks For Watching!

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