Fireside Chat Ep. 88 – Google’s Censorship Exposed


This week’s Fireside Chat is all about Google/YouTube’s censorship. Why does a differing opinion automatically mean it is offensive and controversial? There are over 100 PragerU videos that YouTube has placed on its restricted list, and we have never been given a reason why.

Ask Dennis a question here.

• Dennis Spoke To European Parliament, Watch the video here
• Why Is Dennis and PragerU Controversial?
• Restricted List Doesn’t Make Sense, Watch our restricted videos here
• Best Way To Voice Your Opinion
• “Concentration Camps” At The Border
• Where Do You Find Meaning In Life?

0:00 Dennis Spoke To European Parliament
0:50 Why Is Dennis Controversial?
2:23 Why Is Defining Marriage Controversial?
4:20 Why The Hatred Against PragerU?
5:50 PragerU Videos On The Restricted List
8:59 We Are Not Allowed To Love America
11:43 Restricted List Doesn’t Make Sense
13:45 Google Whistleblower
16:02 Seattle: Leftist Not Liberal
16:59 Otto Check-In
17:40 A Lot Of PragerU Is Not Political
19:38 Best Way To Voice Your Opinion
20:50 “Concentration Camps” At The Border
22:27 Dennis Would Love To Come To Brazil
23:40 Where Do You Find Meaning In Life?
25:58 The Left Has Removed Meaning
27:11 Why Write About Exodus First?
29:00 Otto’s Had Enough
29:36 Fireside Chats Are Timeless

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