Ep. 535: The Wheels Off Liberty Reunion


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(#SchoolSucksAcrossAmerica – DAY THIRTY-FOUR – NOV 17 – Ardmore, OK)

Mike and Brett fill Jamie…

(#SchoolSucksAcrossAmerica – DAY THIRTY-FOUR – NOV 17 – Ardmore, OK)

Mike and Brett fill Jamie in on what he missed after he slipped into an alternate universe 6 years ago. The guys then go on to address and solve all of society’s current ills, including the Trump Presidency, political correctness, gender dysphoria, Bitcoin usability difficulties, Hollywood sexual harassment, unfresh Greek pastries, the unsolved murder of JFK, low testosterone, conflicts over the nature of reality, etc…

Also featuring Nick the African.
Fake-sponsored by George’s Famous Baklava, Down Drake Beard Company and TarrinLupo.com

WARNINGS: If you where not a fan off Wheels Off Liberty, this show is not for you. This is intended as comedy; School Sucks Project is not responsible for your failure to find it so. School Sucks Project is also not responsible for the views and opinions expressed by Jamie Crane and Mike Maddux. Some language and themes might be downright appalling.

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