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Scott Hambrick is a home educating parent, entrepreneur, strength coach and the creator (Reader I…

Scott Hambrick is a home educating parent, entrepreneur, strength coach and the creator (Reader In Chief) of OnlineGreatBooks.com. He joins me today to discuss the Great Books of the Western World and the Great Conversation contained within, as well as tips on how we can improve our mental and physical strength.

What are the Great Books? What Is the Great Conversation?
– How was the collection created, criteria
– Syntopical organization vs chronological order
– Mortimer Adler’s List over 500 books, goal: informed participation in a democracy
– shared inquiry model
– How to Read a Book

The Benefits of The Great Conversation
– diversity of ideas and presence of the clash of ideas
– "breaking the script" from parents, school, culture
– disciplines engagement in your own mind, and in the minds of others
– understand where we are now and why
– Many of the idea men behind the design of modern societies have read these books; some of them wrote these books
– understanding where we are now and why: a foundation for a discussion about where we could go
– The Story of Philosophy (Will Durant),
– Leonard Peikof’s collection; through an ideological lens, I was dismissing a lot of people wholesale

Academic Opposition To The Great Books of the Western World
– What do these books still have tell us in the 21st century?
– Diversity of thought discouraged. Postmodern influence
– The Closing of the American Mind 1987

Online Great Books: The Program
– how it started
– how it works
– Building the habit of reading
– good faith interlocutors

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