Ep. 5991 – Max Blumenthal on the Lies Getting Gazans and Israeli Hostages Killed – 1/18/24

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Max Blumenthal returns to the show to talk about some of his recent reporting about Gaza. They first discuss some New York Times reports about October 7th that are not only completely free of evidence but are even disputed by the victims being featured. They then talk about some of the evidence of friendly fire. Blumenthal has been reporting on Israelis killed by the IDF on October 7th and later while being held hostage in Gaza. He has been demonized as an antisemitic conspiracy theorist, but now many Israel-friendly Western outlets admit he was right.

Check out the interview page here: https://scotthorton.org/interviews/1-18-24-max-blumenthal-on-the-lies-getting-gazans-and-israeli-hostages-killed/

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Source: https://odysee.com/ep.-5991-max-blumenthal-on-the-lies:c41909e2f1f1fbe6bc749abcc566d41bab08ee9a

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