Attkisson 4th Amendment Litigation Fund Update: 50 Top Comments

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I couldn’t be more grateful by the response to the Attkisson 4th Amendment Litigation Fund!

We are closing in on 1/3 of the goal set by organizers of the fund to assist in my lawsuit over the government’s computer intrusions: Attkisson v. DOJ and FBI.

These comments reflect the top reasons why thousands of people say they donated:

  1. As a citizen (and an attorney), I share Sharyl’s concern with what appear to be DOJ and FBI extrajudicial and unconstitutional monitoring of US citizens.
  2. Sharyl is right. If government bureaucrats can use their powers of office against the rest of us with impunity, then they have become our de facto masters.
  3. I believe that all citizens of the United States should be protected from the being unjustly spied upon. And when confronted, our government must provide full disclosure of all participants in the spying and those that have seen the results of it. Along with providing detailed information on what was seen by the government.
  4. The DOJ seems to think they are a fourth branch of government not accountable to the people.
  5. Fight government corruption
  6. A courageous and truthful journalist must be supported.
  7. Having our government spy on any citizen, especially a journalist, without a warrant is just wrong. And government officials should not be above the law.
  8. The people must prevail over corrupt governance.
  9. Your cause is my cause.
  10. Our government and the individuals who broke our laws need to be held accountable.
  11. Sharyl is fighting for ALL of us.
  12. I donated to support your fight against state power & impunity.
  13. I’d very much like to see our corrupt DOJ and FBI brought to justice and those culpable given serious jail time.
  14. Its important to hold people in positions of power accountable.
  15. It is far past time for government to become accountable to the people. You go, girl!
  16. If the Department of Justice won’t help you, we will have to step up. I’m rooting for full disclosure by the government.
  17. The Attkinssons (and the American people) deserve answers regarding these cyber attacks on US citizens.
  18. I donated because this is such a righteous cause, battling the behemoth Goliath. Perhaps the greatest crime of government now is the lack of accountability and absolute power those who would have tyranny over all enjoy. I support the efforts to bring to account those who break the law in the service of their maintenance of power. I feel the constitution demands it. And finally, it’s saddening that the field of journalism has abandoned its heretofore precious notion that its duty was to hold those in power to account and unmask when they are not.
  19. The government must respect the citizens it is supposed to serve. It must observe its constitutional bounds.
  20. Thank you for standing up. If no one has the guts to stand, we will all fall. Don’t give up!
  21. Ms. Attkisson is fighting a battle to preserve our republic.
  22. There needs to be accountability!
  23. America needs to stand against government overreach.
  24. I honor the First Amendment
  25. A victory in this case like hundreds if not thousands of others is vital to the survival of this Republic.
  26. I believe, as a scientist who must be committed to the facts and accurate interpretation toward others, that truth in reporting matters.
  27. Those subverting the rule of law must be held accountable, or we are lost…
  28. I respect your integrity and your willingness not to knuckle under to our Government’s hubris and abuse of power.
  29. No legitimate, hard working American should be set upon and have their privacy invaded by the government like Ms. Attkisson has had done to her.
  30. What the government did in spying on Sharyl they could do to anyone including me. Sharyl is doing a public service with this legal action and I support her 100%.
  31. We need to stand together!
  32. Fight for right.
  33. interested in justice
  34. Accountability is overdue.
  35. I wanted to help in this vital effort to mitigate corruption in the government,
  36. The DOJ is corrupt.
  37. I think our deep state has gotten away with a travesty of justice in the last 10 years.
  38. The DOJ,FBI, etc are hopelessly corrupt And politicized.
  39. Please win this for the sake of our country
  40. I believe in what you’re fighting for.
  41. 1)The Justice Dept is totally out of control. 2.) Something is terribly wrong when Robert Mueller is the most powerful man in America.3.) Sharyl Attkisson is a great reporter, if she fails, we all fail.
  42. Hopefully we can stop our politicians from turning us into another banana republic.
  43. I want to help preserve the freedom individuals in this country enjoy.
  44. Thank you for asking the questions that needed to be asked and weren’t by most.
  45. IT is something I can do to fight back
  46. There is definitely a deep state operating with impunity to destroy our Constitution and the rights of all American citizens.
  47. Thank You, Sharyl, For standing up for our rights.
  48. I don’t like our Big Brother government spying on citizens!
  49. I do not have a lot of money or any political pull, but this is something worth fighting for. What the criminal ‘administrations’ have done to this country has broken my heart. They need to be held to account and you are the one of the few that has tried. You certainly have my support and prayers.
  50. This is a country of laws,
Support the fight against government overreach in Attkisson v. DOJ and FBI for the government computer intrusions. Find out more here.

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