BuzzFeed and a question of journalism standards: Sharyl Attkisson Podcast 3

BuzzFeed stands by its reporting after Special Counsel Robert Mueller flagged alleged inaccuracies. But I have some thoughts about wavering journalism standards– and how propagandists have learned to exploit our weaknesses to further their narratives.

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April 3, 2019 11:00 am

Thanks for pointing out the subtleties in wording used by the other so-called journalist. That’s why I don’t watch the local news nor read ‘news’ posts on FB. Loved your book ‘The Smear’! The news being reported, to me, didnt seem accurate and it was the same news being reported over and over, you confirmed my suspicion but I didn’t know how widespread or corrupted it is. I worked for federal government for over 40 years and know how corrupted DoJ and other departments are. Its shameful.