Flu shots–behind the promotion.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is conducting its annual promotion of flu shots.

It might be worthwhile reviewing some of my past reporting.

Major U.S. government study finds flu shots don’t work in elderly.

When the major study found negative results about the effectiveness of flu shots in the elderly (above link), the government wouldn’t let the scientists who conducted the research do interviews with me.

On another topic, CDC has recently said this stands to be the worst flu season since the swine flu epidemic.

That reminds me of the investigation I did for CBS News that showed the swine flu epidemic wasn’t as advertised:

Swine flu epidemic overexaggerated?

My report on swine flu (above link) hints at the convoluted way that government sometimes counts cases of flu and other illnesses in ways that may make them appear far more prevalent and deadly.

More of my medical and vaccine related reports, as well as government resources, here.

Also at the same link, you’ll also find my reporting on EV-D68 and the mysterious outbreaks of polio like paraysis among American children. The CDC refused to even tell us which states the outbreaks are occurring in, even though that information is collected on behalf of public and belongs to us.

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Order the New York Times bestseller “The Smear” today online or borrow from your library


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